In the last broadcast of the program, one of the contestants reported that he saw his mother again two years ago and touched the driver

By the number of participants who spend each night in Welcome aboard, the program that leads Guido Kaczka leaves a lot of anecdotes, memorable moments and bloopers in each broadcast. This Friday, a cabbie who participated in the bullion game told a emotional story about his mom.

Mario, one of the contestants on the last show, named his mom Rosa and Kaczka he sensed there was something to tell. "It changed your face when you talked about your mom. Are you a mamero? Do you talk a lot with your mom?" Asked the driver. Thus, the taxi driver reported that he began to have a relationship with her for two years, and that during their childhood they had not been together.

Mario, the taxi driver who moved everyone with the story of his life

"I didn't grow up with her and we met again two years ago," said Mario. "I don't understand. Didn't you grow up with her? But, excuse me, didn't you always see her?" Kaczka asked. "Yes, boy. Then for life things I went to live with an aunt, now I am enjoying her full. Due to life circumstances we are living together, "added the taxi driver.

To close the dialogue with the contestant, who later managed to guess the 4 digits of the number hidden in the envelope, Kaczka said: "It is enjoying what there is, not what you want. Because there is no other way."


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