The journalist shared a 2013 image of the Casa Rosada and generated controversy on the networks Credit: Instagram

The journalist Vivana Canosa became a trend this Friday on social networks for sharing an image where he criticizes how the measures adopted by the Government to combat the coronavirus pandemic are applied in the Casa Rosada.

"Social distancing? Chinstraps?", the driver asked herself on her Twitter account and added a photo that shows a grenadier posing next to a drag queen at Balcarce 50.

However, the photo was not current and, when she went viral, the photographer herself came out to deny it. "Viviana, sorry but I took this photo in 2013, at the moment it is part of the @FotoargentA publication. It has nothing to do with the current situation we are experiencing, "wrote Karina Beltrán.

The journalist's tweet generated outrage from anti-Kirchner users, who pointed out that the person next to the grenadier was the son of President Alberto Fernández, Estanislao, who quickly was also a trending topic.

DyhzyAs his name is Estanislao on social networks, he did not let this controversy pass and published a survey on Instagram where he asks his followers "who is more salami": "The one who took the photo or the one who believed and shared it?" Furthermore, ensuring that it could not be him because he is fully tattooed.

The President's son shared the photo published by Viviana Canosa Credit: Instagram

For his part, Canosa responded to a journalist who confirmed that the image was not current or that it was not Estanislao: "I don't know who the one in the photo is. Don't look where there's nothing to scratch", sentenced.


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