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The novel between the United States government and the social network TikTok keep going. This Sunday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said it must be sold or blocked in the United States for national security reasons.

This is the latest warning released by the Donald Trump government against the popular application of Chinese origin.

Mnuchin declared on the television channel ABC that TikTok simply "cannot exist as it does" currently.

"I will say publicly that the entire committee agrees that TikTok cannot remain in the current format because it risks sending (to China) information on 100 million Americans."Mnuchin alleged

The official did not comment directly on the threat made by Trump on Friday to ban in the United States the application created to share entertainment videos and which is already around one billion users worldwide.

Mnuchin recalled that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which he chairs, is evaluating TikTok, especially popular with a young audience that creates and watches its short videos.

This is one of the many fronts in the strained relations between the United States and China, which have become very rough these days. US officials have said that TikTok could be a tool at the service of Chinese intelligence, something the company denies.

The secretary assured that he spoke with the leaders of the Congress, among them the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the maximum democratic legislator in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, about what to do with the TikTok operation in the United States.

The newspaper The New York Times noted on Saturday that ByteDance, TikTok's Chinese parent company had offered to sell the US branch, while several claimed that the technology giant Microsoft is in advanced negotiations to buy it.

However, Vanessa Pappas, head of the US branch of the application, said yesterday that the company has no "plans" to leave the United States. and on the sale rumors he indicated that they were speculations. (I)


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