Representing the United Artists Association, the singer Hilda Murillo today made public the complaint of the irregularities in the selection process of the official candidates to 2020 Eugenio Espejo Award before the Ombudsman, that on Wednesday he received the documentation.

"I denounce to the representatives of the Ecuadorian Ombudsman our disagreement with the irregularities in the selection process of the official candidates for the Eugenio Espejo 2020 Prize …", he said through a press conference that took place this morning. Friday.

The complaint focuses on the violation of the rights of singer-songwriter Fresia Saavedra, who, in the opinion of the complainants, was not considered for the shortlists for the contest, despite having a 72-year history.

Murillo detailed the process they carried out for Saavedra's application, as well as the points they consider irregular. "There are reactions that have saddened us a lot," he said.

It caused them surprise and "undoubtedly disagreement" for the following reasons, according to Murillo. "From the beginning in this edition of the Eugenio Espejo Award We were able to show that the call, promotion and dissemination of the process to register, apply and participate was very brief, and it was not promoted as it should be through all the possible dissemination bodies, so that this call reaches all artists in Ecuador. Being that even many artists even on this date are unaware of this process, of the importance of this award, even of everything that is happening, "he said.

In this context, he explained the points that he considers to be irregularities "… the bases of the Eugenio Espejo contest, as well as the respective ministerial agreements clearly and definitively indicate that in order to receive this award in categories A, creations or activities in favor of the culture or the arts, those already postulated must have a minimum of 25 years of proven and uninterrupted trajectory as what we highlight with the Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Fresia Saavedra when she has 72 years of proven, verified, public, nationally and internationally recognized trajectory. it proves, not only in the artistic and cultural field but also in education and training, as well as in cultural management, which will undoubtedly make it unquestionably deserving of this recognition, "he said.

"Given the above it seems inadmissible to us that the respective committee for the selection of the short lists in the framework of the awarding of the 2020 National Eugenio Espejo Award did not consider the singer-songwriter's name Ecuadorian Doña Fresia Saavedra, "he said.

For this reason, they urged the Ecuadorian Ombudsman "to request the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Mr. Juan Fernando Velasco, who in turn chairs the respective committee for the selection of the shortlists for the nominated Eugenio Espejo Awards. urgently send certified copies of the procedure adopted in the process of selecting the triads in accordance with the ministerial agreements to the Ombudsman's Office … ".

Too they denounced that the conformation of the short lists of the official candidates has been announced in advance to the Eugenio Espejo Award through the personal Twitter account of the Minister of Culture and Heritage, Juan Fernando Velasco. Those selected were published on July 24 when it was scheduled to be on July 31. "Going ahead and failing to meet the date established in the respective instructions and ministerial agreement … It demonstrates the lack of transparency and the lack of impartiality. We consider that having been published illegitimately and without respecting the procedure contained in said ministerial agreements, excluded singer-songwriter Doña Fresia Saavedra and other citizens also postulated that constitutes the violation of their human rights in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of the Organic Law of the Ombudsman, so today we go to the authorities of the Ombudsman to denounce this violation of the human rights of Mrs. Fresia Saavedra and other citizens … ", said Murillo.

They also requested that it be promoted through respective sponsorship. the suspension of the declaration of this result of the voting and selection process, "that all necessary protection and amparo actions be initiated." "We request in the precautionary measures that this illegitimate procedure that has unnerved the Ecuadorian community be followed. We want our challenge to be recognized so that President Lenin Moreno has knowledge," he said.

Also present at the press conference were Zaida Rovira Jurado, National People's Deputy Defender; the lawyer Mirelli Icaza, as provincial delegate of the Guayas of the Ombudsman's Office; the attorneys sponsoring the case, Fernando Valencia Galarza and Dr. María Alexandra Murillo from Valencia.

In addition, Raúl Barreto, president of the Network of Cultural Managers of Guayas; In representation of the artistic sector, the Ecuadorian singer Lía Salazar, and in representation and opinion of the Ecuadorian citizens Jenny Armedaris de Amber.

At the end of the press conference, Rovira Jurado invited the complainants and their lawyers to a meeting to outline some strategies, "because in theory this should be resolved on the 9th (August), that is, we are in time, we have to review some things, but the most important thing as the Ombudsman's Office we are going to make the request immediately, "said the vice-defender. (I)


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