The image is from 2013 and the actor joked with the boy and put a finger in his nose Credit: Reddit @Boatering

A user of the social network Reddit surprised by sharing a old photograph taken by his father in 2013, when he was just a child. In the image you can see the young man next to Paul walker, the deceased actor of the saga Fast and Furious, in a very funny situation.

According to user Boatering, the photo is from 2013 and was taken on a road course. After acknowledging it, his father asked Walker if he could take a photo with his son. The actor, who at that time had the team uniform AE Performance agreed.

The situation spread in recent days on that social network is funny twice. First of all because, at his young age, the boy had no idea that he was being photographed with the star of Hollywood. Secondly, because of the joke Walker made him and that would become part of his family's anecdote.

The image is from 2013 and the actor joked with the boy and put a finger in his nose Credit: Reddit @Boatering

"Dad took me to the road seven years ago. Look at Paul walker, who got me a finger on nose"wrote the user identified as Boatering. Beyond the memory, the date of the photo has a special meaning for lovers of the saga.

On November 30, 2013 Walker died in a traffic accident aboard a Porsche Carrera GT, which was driven by the racing driver and friend of the actor, Roger Rodas. The sports car was embedded against a light pole and two trees in the California town of Santa Clarita.

After the accident, the autopsy revealed that both Rhodes and Walker were sober. But, paradox of fate, at the moment of impact, the runner and the actor of Fast and Furious they circulated at a speed of between 130 and 150 kilometers per hour, twice more than the limit in that state.


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