If asked, people who have managed to keep their jobs during the pandemic will confess that have a Zoom shirt: a garment that you usually keep on the back of your computer chair or on a hook near there, which they take out moments before their webcam turns on. Have a special shirt for Zoom prepares you instantly for any business meeting last minute or for a meeting planned a week before or for a meeting with a friend; in fact, it prepares you for any meeting.

Maria Rugolo, a textile industry analyst at NPD Group, said her company had conducted a survey that showed that only ten percent of people wear special clothes early to work at home and then, when finished, they put on "comfortable clothes". The large percentage simply put on and take off shirts for Zoom.

There are several ways to apply the Zoom shirt strategy. Some people resort to the extreme of wearing a single garment. Others alternate at least a pair, or classify them according to the level of formality, depending on the situation being addressed by Zoom. Some wear the Zoom shirt just for the video conference of the day, while others leave it on for the rest of the day.

Pastel shades bring light to the face, but if you want to be more daring, the prints and an interesting neck proposal will allow you to stand out.

Complement the outfit without exaggerating

"When people dress too well, I find it a bit pretentious"said Kevin Murray, executive director of the Weingart Center Association, which serves the homeless. Murray has been dressing less formally for Zoom calls, partly because they're Zoom calls and partly because he has more important things to worry about right now.

However, while it may not be too formal, the Zoom shirt can be complemented with accessories. "Wear earrings that say something about you", suggested Sarah LaFleur, manufacturer of elegant office clothes for women. As for the shirt, he recommends pastel colors to illuminate the face.or.

"I have our Chadwick sweater in four colors, and I often wear one of them 5 minutes before a Zoom call," he wrote in an email. “The fabric stretches, does not wrinkle and can also be machine washed. I literally have them stacked next to my computer. ”

A jacket or blazer will add instant formality to any outfit, but it's best to avoid it at casual gatherings, or you'll be wearing too much dress for the occasion.

The Zoom shirt market is competitive. LaFleur has promoted the idea of ​​hybrid clothing: the top for business and the bottom for the party.

Walmart sold more shirts than pants in the first quarter of the year. Google Trends shows that "shirts" peaked over a twelve-month period as a search term. Zoom shirts have their dangers. Chelsea Grayson, former CEO of American Apparel and True Religion, warns that necklines are not used.

"In the real world you can wear something a little low-cut because the whole ensemble is presented, from head to toe," he said. “At Zoom, all people will see will be your breasts. I don't think you want that. "

Earrings are also an opportunity to convey more of your personality to others, as well as hair accessories, but be careful with the necklines. Remember that it is the only thing that will be seen on camera.

Sterling McDavid, a former Goldman Sachs analyst who co-founded the Burnett New York fashion line, suggests a loose-fitting blouse with a pattern that shows some movement to use while in Zoom.

"What we will present in the fall will be especially appropriate for Zoom"McDavid said. “You can go from a Zoom video call to outdoor drinks among friends with social distancing. It is the new way to go from the office to dinner ”.

A touch of color is also an option to brighten up the Zoom room. If the weather permits, scarves are an alternative.


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