Martha Stewart's business life has become a source of inspiration for all those who want to start their own business: after savoring success, he lost everything and, like a Phoenix, he rose from his ashes to recover that extinct glory . A story in which, in addition, there is a lesson on how things should not be done. All in one, says the magazine Hello.

Martha was born into a middle-upper class family and soon showed her passion for languages ​​by learning French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian … She studied Art History and although she made her first steps in the world of fashion, her professional career did not would go in that direction. The key to his success was anticipating: he saw, before anyone else, that lifestyle was big business and he thought big.

This is how you shaped a 360 product: You started out selling gourmet products, then specializing in the tips you need to be the perfect host. Something that materialized in books, television shows and various brands through his own company. It had become a benchmark for all those people who worked in the homes, but the days of wine and roses would not last long.

The media recalls that Martha was accused of misusing inside information after selling her shares in a biotech company. She was sentenced to five months in prison, had to pay a fine of $ 165,000, and also had to leave the address of her company. After serving his sentence, he returned in style, appearing, for example, on a television program he did with Snoop Dog.

He had to reinvent himself and for this he sold Living Omnimedia to Sequential Brands for 299 million … to continue innovating in the business world. This time she focused on the world of weddings with Martha Stewart Weddings, one of the most relevant bridal magazines that made her one of the queens of the links. So much so that, currently, its estimated net worth is 252 million.

Source of inspiration

Martha's life has even reached the world of fiction. The producers of the popular Netflix series 'Orange Is The New Black' relied on her figure to bring to life the character of Judy King, who appears in the third season: a famous cook and television personality who went to prison for evading taxes.


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