My son is 12 years old and has always had problems with allergies. Last year he was followed by episodes of severe allergies. They prescribed sprays at home. As the episodes followed, I went to the doctor and they reduced the mists to a minimum and prescribed Montelukast, which has been very good for him, except when he laughs out loud (leads to a respiratory crisis and needs an inhaler), and since March no smell. Also, after breakfast his stomach hurts (he eats cheese and drinks whole milk with cocoa). Does it have to do with allergy?

Apparently, and from what he narrates, we would be talking about asthma attacks. That is why it has improved with montelukast, which is a preventive for asthma. However, since she still has symptoms with certain stimuli (laughter), she doesn't seem to be fully controlled.

As asthma is the manifestation of allergy at the bronchial level, it is often associated with other allergic symptoms such as rhinitis, one of the long-term consequences of which may be loss of smell.

However, since we are at risk of COVID-19, the loss of smell should also be considered in this context, as a probable presentation of this infection.

As for the possible responses to food, the possibility of allergy should be ruled out, since the allergic disease is only one, which it can have diverse symptoms in different organs, but always as part of the same basic alteration.

Whenever allergic manifestations of any kind are suspected, evaluation by the allergist is necessary.

Dr. Manuel Viteri Acaiturri,
Pediatric allergist, Asthma allergy.
Telfs .: 505 2322, 099 345 0941.


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