Paola Krum, one of the figures that will sing again for this new proposal of the Paseo la Plaza

There is no doubt that all the houses became protagonists and took an absolute presence in this confinement by becoming the center of the scene of the majority, that of the 13 actors and actresses who will be presented via streaming in this new cycle proposed by Paseo La Plaza not to mention because they already become the stage. From Saturday August 8 and for four consecutive Saturdays, you can enjoy the voices of actors who, from their homes, will sing 25 unpublished versions, all musically directed by the outstanding Gerardo Gardelín and will add improvisations, surprises and staging or, better said, put on screen because everything will be absolutely virtual, live, yes. All those Saturdays and at 20:30, you can enter the site to be part of this new experience.

"It is a very strange moment," he says. Florencia Peña which will be part of the cycle-. Life as we knew it no longer exists. We had to reinvent ourselves to not be so static and look for other alternatives. Since the isolation began I did not stop doing things. I'm creating content and catching up on things I didn't have time for before. And of course I am with my children. Singing is part of my actress. Expressing myself from that place was always interesting to me. And although I have many musicals done, singing without acting always becomes a challenge. I love being part of this cycle. Hopefully they enjoy it because the actors do not always have the possibility to spread out and this is a nice opportunity to reach those who follow us from another place. "

The first group, on August 8, will be the one made up of Peña, Facundo Arana and Matías Mayer. Then it will be the turn of Elena Roger, Peto Menahem, Fernando Dente and Vane Butera that they will meet on August 15; Mike Amigorena, Dan Breitman and Muriel Santa Ana the 22; and finally the shares of Favio Posca, Paola Krum and Sofía Pachano for August 29, already approaching spring. They all have in common being closely linked to the theater in their latest theatrical projects.

Facundo Arana joined the cycle

"Since March, with the forced closure of the theaters, we have set ourselves several objectives," says Ariel Stolier, producer of the Paseo La Plaza and the Metropolitan Sura. One priority was how to maintain and sustain the links with the different theater audiences. That, we went into remote mode and decided to find alternatives so that, even though we are closed in physical mode, our seasons are still open. First it was La Plaza Online with previous successes that we later replicated in children's programming. Mainly, that first stage was of reproduction of recorded work. After almost five months, we decided to leave the format of the reproduction of the recorded work to create virtual content. " In this way, the series "Actors and actresses singing from their homes" appears, which can be seen for free, but for those who want to collaborate, they can do so at the Casa del Teatro to generate necessary resources and thus sustain the health and care of the older artists housed there and at risk from the impact of the pandemic.

"We invited a group of actors and actresses who have starred in shows in our theaters and asked them what the songs were that always motivate and accompany them and we proposed that they sing them in their homes, with top-line musical quality because we involved Gerardo Gardelín as Musical director and as an adapter and versioner of the songs, with a double curiosity: going home and learning about their daily reality in this context, and in many cases discovering the musical talent of actors that we generally associate with text theater. And also some more surprises that we keep for the episodes, "Stolier says enthusiastically because he warns that the future, clearly uncertain, will most likely combine the classic theatrical form with some virtual content.

Elena Roger prefers surprise and not revealing her repertoire
Elena Roger prefers surprise and not revealing her repertoire

After that first episode, there will be a second broadcast that will feature the actress and singer Elena Roger: "This particular moment, not easy by the way, takes us out of the comfort zone. It makes us rethink many things, try to see the positive side and stay tuned to see what the new path is. It is learning at every step. For this new cycle, I will perform two songs but I don't want to count which ones, I like surprises. It's not about anything I've done before. together with the actor and musician Mariano Torre) long ago it became the scene of the brief and different participations that we were doing. In fact, we put together a small space to be able to manifest ourselves artistically. Luckily I will have the help of Mariano who He is attentive to the cell phone that records and the lights. The most beautiful thing will be to hear the 102 pass by at home (laughs). But that is the idea, that we produce from home because there is no other option. "

On August 15 Roger will be together with Peto Menahem, Fernando Dente and Vane Butera. Nobody wants to anticipate too much what is going to be seen because there will be surprises but Menahem confesses: "I am going to sing 'Things have movement', by Fito Páez, and 'Nowhere Man', by the Beatles". While his house is getting ready, faithful to his comical style, he adds: "he rags the floor, the chair is tidied up, the guitar is refined and the dirt is hidden" ensures that he cannot count much more because he wants to leave for the living the details of your participation. "There are times when I am in more spirits, sometimes with less but always remembering not only that I have food in the fridge, but that I have a fridge. This pandemic makes it clear that many people do not even have that and that we lived it almost comfortably. Like People of the arts and, as Argentines in general, we have the exercise of turning the limit and the crisis into a tool, so it can always be produced. But we should stop screwing around with the obligation to produce, because that leads to frustration and it is not that is wrong but we don't live in a culture where frustration is learned so I don't think it's convenient, "reflects Menahem, who already participated during the period of confinement in the film Bats, produced entirely from the homes of its artists.

Peto Menahem will also sing from home
Peto Menahem will also sing from home

About the end of this cycle, it will come Paola Krum, who like Florencia Peña and Elena Roger, has a long career in musicals (Dracula, My lovely lady, The Hunchback of Paris, Applause) who also told LA NACION the songs with which he will participate in the cycle. The actress who is very close to La Plaza because the last two works she did there were very important to her career, marking a before and after (The Goodbye Girl and After the Dollhouse) tells: "I am going to do 'Barro maybe', by my admired and adored Flaco Spinetta, and 'Ne me quitte pas', by Jacques Brel, the Belgian singer-songwriter. Since I hadn't been singing for a long time it seemed like a good opportunity to get back in touch with the music. That is what I am doing more than anything in this time of pandemic. Looking for repertoire, songs that summon me. So my house was prepared with many flowers, the fire of the hearth lit, microphone and the track of Gerardo Gardelín ringing. "Waiting for this moment of uncertainty that stopped the theatrical activity to end, it assures:" meanwhile I stay trained, my body, my voice, active and attentive in my thoughts so that when everything returns to its place I can be ready for the theater, the one who will live the same way he always did. It is my greatest wish. The theater is in a way, with the people there, it is alive. I am very much looking forward to him coming back. "

Matías Mayer, from Argentina, land of love and revenge and musicals like Casinormal and Ghost, with you prodigious
Matías Mayer, from Argentina, land of love and revenge and musicals like Casinormal and Ghost, with you prodigious


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