Jey Mammón debuts this midnight in America with her famous creation, Estelita

This Monday, after midnight, America will premiere Estelita at home, which will mean for the character created by Jey Mammón ascend a rung on the ladder of stellarity.

At 0.30, the unpunished blonde who asks the politically incorrect will debut with her own cycle produced by Jotax. "A space was created that ends up being its own. Beyond that behind there is a great producer, it means having my program, and that makes me anxious and happy," Jay Mammón admits to THE NATION hours of premiere the new experience that will feature, in the debut, with Juana Viale as a guest to submit to the irreverence of the host character.

In keeping with pandemic times, and as anticipated by the name of the shipment, Estelita will be at home and will use the technology available to chat with celebrities through videoconferences. "The notes will be spicy and entertaining, but, beyond that, it is about showing a Estelita in quarantine and with all that that implies. There will be therapy, help in the kitchen, or even the advice of a lawyer. I think, objectively, that in this situation of confinement would make me want to see the program. Midnight is a good time to relax, have fun and put aside the coronavirus for a while. Although, from the humor, it will also show what is happening "argues the actor and musician born as Juan Martín Rago.

Juana Viale, the first guest of the new American program

-Which was the most complex guest of Estelita, the one who was not in tune with her?

-I would tell you the opposite, there were people who did not have too much faith for something to happen and it happened. I also had guests who, perhaps, are not one hundred percent loved and yet turned out. It is that this space brings closer, humanizes the questioned.

-Stelite is Jey?

-Estelita and I are two different people, that's why it amuses me a lot to see her. She shows something else about the interviewee. He is good at asking, he has humor, impunity. He thinks it is Susana or Mirtha, who always ask the bone and do not care about anything, they are unpunished. Estelita has that impunity.

-It is complex to separate an interviewee, especially if he belongs to the world of entertainment or politics, from armed discourse. Estelita achieves it and that is all a merit.

-There are people who inspire so much respect and admiration that, beyond believing Estelita has a life of her own, I know I am playing. However, a different fiber is reached. Last year I was invited to Pinky's show, Estelita was there. Pinky ended up excited, crying. I thought that I was not going to be encouraged to approach her with my wig, making me funny before a diva, a figure like her. But people open up to the character and tell very intimate things. I treasure those moments, they are achievements, cockroaches. I say this with great respect, because I am not a journalist.

Estelita at home, the new cycle of Jey Mammón that begins this midnight
Estelita at home, the new cycle of Jey Mammón that begins this midnight

The actor does not hesitate to acknowledge the dissociation effect produced by putting on the clothes of his creation: "I speak of her in the third person. When I record, I am not there, Estelita is here. This is what happens to me for hospitalization."

-I guess the character asks what Jey wants to know.

-Sometimes we don't have the same concerns. In 2015 I had to interview politicians and that made me aware that my questions were not on the same track as Estelita's. It is like an alter ego, ask what one does not dare to ask so as not to be very exposed. She can address those issues. The character is a shield that helps a lot.

– Does she have sympathy for a certain political party?

-It's weather vane. In order to like him, he says anything. Divas always surprise with their contradictions, Estelita is that too.

"Divas always surprise with their contradictions, Estelita is that too", understands Jey Mammón

-It is interesting how Estelita's construction plays with gender and diversity. Composite with a beard and slippers. There is a sort of distancing, in the manner of Brecht. Fiction and reality intersect.

-This is like when you are a big boy and you know the truth, but you still play Mouse Pérez or the Three Kings.

-How was Estelita and her styling born?

-I was doing internet radio, I was a pioneer in that, and they gave me a phone from Susana Giménez. The only way to deal with it was by inventing a character like Estelita. And its aesthetics is part of my reality at that time. I lived in Once and, since I was lacking work, I organized the party for that program. I bought a wig, boa, and plastic glasses at the neighborhood party shops. Eventually, all of that stayed forever.


Last week, Jey Mammón participated in the premiere of the "Singing 2020" contest. His performance with Carla del Huerto, despite having been very satisfactory, was observed by the jury consisting of Nacha Guevara, Moria Casán, Pepe Cibrián and Karina. "Not only this show, but TV as a whole is like virtual reality, it's not reality. It's not that I don't care what the jury says, but there is something of that too. I'm not playing competition. When Returns are based on building a TV show, I don't even kink. Not even if they stand up and tell me that I'm God. It's a game, it's fun and it generates something for people. At that moment I sent a spear to favor of my partner and the music professionals who participate in the show. If the "you don't understand when you sing" was for me, it is different. Carla starred in Sunset Boulevard. I'm not saying that, for this, they have to celebrate all the goals, but I had to go out and say what I said. There are very cool people participating. "

– You musician, that was noticed in your performance.

-They didn't tell me anything, neither if I sing well or if I sing badly. The truth is that I don't care either. I thank Marcelo Tinelli for reconnecting with music and having a stage available. We need the public. If I want to stay there, that's why, beyond the return of four people who are seated, whether they are eminences or not. There are many people watching, who think, and I love that. All the dressings that surround it have to do with the construction of a television show.

"Although much progress was made, diversity continues to be repressed," says Jey Mammón

-What opinion does the jury deserve?

-Estelita says that those known by name are divas or divos. The jury is known by the name: Moria, Nacha, Pepe. Karina is lucky that there are not many who are called like her in the environment. As individualities, they are all number one figures, figurines. And, in the case of Karina, who does not have the trajectory of others due to a logical question of the passing of the years, only time will determine if she can keep 30 years in the industry. I think so. Still, I see everything he knows. When he returned to Gladys, he had technical concepts, it shows that he is not wikipedia. It surprised me.

-Is there a lot of Wikipedia read in the jury?

-I'm not going to analyze what they do, but there is a smell of Wikipedia. But who doesn't use it?

-It is not always the best knowledge tool, especially for the training that a jury must have.

-That's why I think of coaches and colleagues, they are people who know. If a debate on concepts is generated with the jury, I think it can be enriching.

-As well as the jury of the program is identified by name, Estelita too. It is a value to achieve that.

-Also, Estelita does not give notes, that's why there is a mystery wing over her. I like to play at being Mirtha or Susana. When she is invited to some shows, she doesn't go. He wonders: "Would Mirtha or Susana go? If the answer is no, Estelita does not go either.


Jey Mammon arrives with Estelita to the late nights of America
Jey Mammon arrives with Estelita to the late nights of America

There are not a few stories of humorists who use this language of artistic expression as a cathartic exercise. Although, like any rule, it does not apply beyond a generalization. "I don't think humor appears as a response to pain, but it can be used to get through a situation. It is not a sine qua non condition. But, if you are a humorist and went through pain situations, surely you used that as a tool."

Humor serves to heal and to accompany, so that the backpack has less weight

-Was it your case?

-It does not only have to do with the past or the present, surely the pain will also be in the future and humor will heal and save. So, beyond my life, I celebrate doing Estelita at home in this context. I don't want to escape your question, surely, to meet me, with my identity and with my vocation, humor has been a tool. I even applied it also in the music I make. Long ago I formed a band called Mammón, where we said things with irony and humor.

-Do you remember any particular letter?

– "Mom, Dad, we have to talk, I don't know how to tell them, I don't know how to start, even if they find it hard to accept it, and although everyone looks at me badly, even though it is so difficult to insert themselves into society, I am heterosexual." Definitely, humor serves to heal and to accompany, so that the backpack has less weight.

-Thinking about pains, love can be. Has it been for you?

-When I experience it at its best, and I don't think this is a permanent state, but rather it has its ups and downs, pain is part of love, as is joy. Love is a roller coaster of emotions, it takes you through all the states. The idyll does not exist. Neither in the love of couple, nor in the filial. I'm not a father, but I suppose that love must also mutate from anger to total understanding. Pain is part of life, as is love.

-Do you think about parenthood?

– Before it said that it did not believe in God, now I say that I do not know if it exists. I do not know. Anyway, these are issues that must be analyzed post pandemic, we must wait for all this to happen. It is not a wish for a moment, it is not like wanting to have an ice cream. I do not close to being a father. Today, a series or a song can awaken something in me, and that is a different state from what I thought before that had to do with total denial.

Jey Mammon and Estelita arrive at midnight in America
Jey Mammon and Estelita arrive at midnight in America

-You feel very free, you are exposed by your work and you go through that with a lot of conviction. However, on a personal level, you have not presented a formal couple to your family until after 40 years. What kind of inhibition was operating in you?

-Those who know me from my work know Jey Mammón, a character who is seven or eight years old, not much more. The person did not contemplate that freedom all his life, it was a construction. I am 43 years old and it seems that my state has always been this, but the truth is that I decided not to venture into the environment until I was friends with myself, until I felt that freedom. Anyway, freedom is a constant, lifelong search.

-Did you think that there could be a contradiction between your privacy and the public demonstration?

-I felt that I was not going to bank to be part of the environment and talk about a girlfriend or that I liked women. Or play dumb and say nothing. It is not a value judgment towards others, it is the times and the ways of each one. I wasn't going to bank it. It is not that I went knocking on doors to enter the middle, but that I did it when I felt relaxed and with the possibility of chatting.

-Your experience can mirror many people.

-The stories multiply, there are people who find it difficult, who are in the middle of a process, seeking freedom. There are characters like mine that give the feeling that you don't care about anything in life, but if you scratch a little bit, it matters much more than it seems.

Could it be thought of as an aspirational story for others?

-It is not the place where I settle, but I receive and take charge as a result of what happens to tell my story. Being myself I know that there are many people who ask their own questions. I get those messages.

-In more than one opportunity you have expressed yourself supporting freedoms and a more inclusive society.

-When I feel the need to say something, I say it, but without any strategy. I do not assume a role, but what naturally happens to me because I am friends with myself. Whoever does not want to talk about their life is also respectable, you should not go with a corkscrew to dig, especially in a world that, although it has advanced a lot, continues to repress diversity. The times of each are more than respectable.

Estelita starts tonight at home
Estelita starts tonight at home

Next summer, and if the Covid-19 allows it, he will merge his passion for acting and music by joining the cast of The crazy cage, where he will play Zazá, replacing Raúl Lavié and with Nito Artaza and Cecilia Milone. The premiere is scheduled at the Enrique Carreras Theater in Mar del Plata. Before that happens, it will also continue with its participation in Controversy at the bar, also by the signal of America. "I celebrate the possibility of having three labors at such a special moment, but I do not feel the over exposure because they are three very different projects."

-How do you go through this pandemic moment?

-The pandemic, which is a fright, was accommodating some things in my life, such as reuniting with music or Estelita's own program appearing. I feel that the Estelita thing responds to a need, to give people distraction. Sometimes we forget what we are generating in big people. Beyond that it is a real threat, there is a distraction towards the adult, it makes him feel that he is going to die tomorrow if he sticks his finger out the balcony. As real as the presence of the virus is in the street, what is it that we transmit all day to the elderly? This pandemic will have extra costs. There is a part that has to do with the logic of a pandemic that we can do nothing about. But there is another part that is our responsibility. It is saturated with bad information and bad opinion. Many times it is involuntary, but we are instilling fear all the time. It is clear that there is a virus on the street and that an older person, if he goes out, is at risk, but you have to think about what happens to that person. Reality is a shit. let's not feed it anymore.


-Who is more sexual: Estelita or Jey?

-Stelite, which does not mean that I am not, but she surpasses anything.

-Are you in a couple?

– No, and in quarantine it is more complex to know people.

"I use all the existing networks and networks to meet people," says the actor and musician

-Do you use the various platforms and networks available to link?

-I use all networks that have been and will be. I put my photo, but with a pseudonym. Once, a network company denounced me for identity suppression. I had to show them the document to confirm that it was me who wanted to have sex with someone.

-The boys who see your photo must be surprised.

– Many think that it is a lie, that it is someone who is joking. In fact, there was a fake one. There are many people who know each other, who marry in the networks. There are also those who were scammed. It is the same as in a bowling alley. Although, since the world of networks is virtual, you have to be with four eyes when you move to the real plane.

-Was any couple the result of this virtual incursion?

-I had an adventure, but no relationship that was born there. I do not refuse at all, if one can be in a bowling alley and meet people, why not meet in a network?


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