The call was to volunteer. Hands and hearts ready to help and secure contributions for vulnerable sectors in the city in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In one day, more than 100 Guayaquil women signed up. The group was reduced to 50 and then to 30, with full-time availability. The question for them, in addition to the work they had been doing since June, was: Would you also be interested in participating as candidates for queen of Guayaquil?

Young women, between 19 and 25 years old, who were interested in participating filled out a form with a plan to develop during their participation as aspirants to the crown.

“Each one had to provide us with a project that allows us to train a minimum of 10 people, which will take place during their candidacy. We used to do it after winning the contest ”, he says Tahiz Panus, director of the contest, It is carried out through the Head of Social Action and Special Events of the Directorate of Social Action and Education, of the Municipality of Guayaquil (DASE).

"They are going to develop this project and based on this they are going to be qualified and it is going to be a large percentage that is going to make them the queen of Guayaquil", emphasizes Panus.

This week, registrations are being developed to choose the people who will be trained, who in turn commit to attend the conferences for the creation of their ventures. "The trainings will last a month and a half, it is the minimum they need, then the Municipality will give them training in digital marketing, basic graphic design, Word, Excel and social media management," says Panus.

These conferences will be broadcast in five programs via streaming on the platforms of the contest. "The message that we want to give is that you lost your job, but if you set your mind and start, you can get ahead," she adds.


This year the final competition will be held in a television studio in October and without an audience to respect the security measures. The channel has not been defined yet, but it is expected to be in the first week of October, Panus explains. "We are looking at whether one or two of their parents can attend," he says.

The public will join the jury in this election by choosing one of the five finalists through voting. Among them the queen, viceroy and October Star will be chosen. “The most important thing and that they are going to qualify, and they know it, management and leadership. Their management skills and leadership demonstrated through the results of their 10 female entrepreneurs and how they support it before the jury, ”says Panus.

2020 candidates

For the Reina de Guayaquil edition of the Bicentennial, the chosen candidates are:

Arianna Zúñiga Jaramillo, 20, is a digital marketing student. The volunteer project she is developing is a practical workshop on acrylic nails and hair removal with thread.

María Paula Yong Barzola, 20 years old, she is a veterinary medicine student. She develops a professional self-makeup course.

Dayanna Castillo Ley He is 22 years old. She is a law and governance student. His project 'The sweets of the Pearl, proposes to learn about the elaboration and decoration for cakes, cupcakes and jelly with drawings.

Valentina Silva Aguilar, 19 years old, pursuing a career in administration. He proposes the 'She undertakes' plan, which consists of preparing gift trays with personalized breakfasts.

Joselyne Bernabé Rivas He is a food engineering student and is 25 years old. His entrepreneurship proposal is @chocojosydetails, for the elaboration of chocolate in different shapes and details.

Michelle Yzurieta Candel, have 24 years. She is a hotel and tourism student and a professional makeup artist. It is also community manager. Her volunteer project is choco-fruit, making artisanal ice creams and fruits covered in chocolate, in different presentations.

Vivian Arreaga Torres, 24 years old, he is a student of engineering in foreign trade. His project is a gastronomic undertaking that he named 'My flavor is a pearl'.

Navila Dieb Bergher, 22 years old, she is a social communicator with mention in public relations. She has a decoration plan for home and special events, all handmade.

Geanella Villamar Llorente, 22, studies social communication, with a mention in journalism. Your project is a spa nail at home.

Claudia Gavilanes Nuñez, 24, is a business administration student.

Her volunteer plan is a fine jewelry course made with wireframe and macramé techniques worked with pearls, crystals and Swarovski stones. (I)


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