Aries horoscope for this week
The week can bring disharmonic moments, although it also promises fiery events. The same energy favors the undertaking of risky projects, it would be necessary to check their effectiveness, otherwise abort mission! Aries, watch your words, astrological activity can complicate communication and nothing easier to start the discussion engine, hot for several weeks.

Taurus horoscope for this week
The change from Venus to the sign of Cancer provides successes in a loving endeavor, whether you are the one who approaches or you wait for them to do so, the romantic light of the full moon will illuminate your path … If you have a partner and the relationship has gone through tense moments, start an approach that restores magic and guarantees common enjoyment.

Gemini horoscope for this week
Attention, prepare for the change from Venus, the planet of relationships and values, to the sign of Cancer. Gemini, you have been highly favored in recent months with the goddess of love walking through your sign, now you will have to return every moment of happiness and harmony taking care to nurture your life or work partner. No need to worry…

Cancer Horoscope for this week
Stay still! Lest you scare him away! Yes, Cancer, after so many months of being sad sometimes not, and of sighing without knowing if you are reciprocated, finally on August 8, Venus, the planet that governs relationships and agreements, comes to your sign, and you can start dreaming without conscience charges. With permission to fall in love …

Leo horoscope for this week
Beware of the temptations of the past. Leo, your shine generates that attention that you love, but it attracts mythological beings and unresolved relationships … because of them. This week fill yourself with solar energy that does you so much good and save it for future encounters, stress tests and inconvenient desires, better recreate your physical body with a passionate loving desire.

Virgo horoscope for this week
Venus in her passage through the sign of Cancer will benefit the sensitive and demanding heart of Virgo. Think of marriage, yes! Plan a trip together, yes! Restart after a painful episode, no! It is time to cultivate new relationships, stop wanting to change the other, burn all the ships … if you are not safe within it. Whoever arrives in this period stays.

Libra's horoscope for this week
I see that there is no consolation and yes, you are half dented because the astral settings are not very much in your favor. Especially if you find yourself in a relationship, Libra, stop arguing for what is not worth it and focus on another topic … above all: do not rush to say what you feel, this is not the time to be honest.

Scorpio horoscope for this week
Mars in transit through Aries guarantees you a sentimental encounter like the ones you like so much: seductive and revealing of hidden feelings. It is you who always start the conquest, even if it is not noticed, that's why it uses the element water to purify the too powerful energy that sometimes worries you, obsessions are part of the Scorpio watery world.

Sagittarius horoscope for this week
Weeks have passed and it looks like complications in a relationship will soon ease. With Venus entering Cancer soon, you can surely communicate better with your partner and friends, and dialogue with measure and tranquility. If this is a new conquest, Sagittarius is all in your favor so you can start an explosive encounter. Take all measurements.

Capricorn horoscope for this week
A difficult week but not impossible. There are too many planets intervening and the first thing that gets affected is relationships. You can pursue an ideal of love, but don't ask for miracles, not right now. The Capricorn world is overwhelmed with saturnal energy, so you will have to be patient with sentimental complications, if you stay calm, much can be saved.

Aquarius horoscope for this week
Watch out for exhaustion. The brilliance of the leonine sun fills you with energy, the danger is that you do not admit that you need to rest. If the activity is in the field of love, well other licenses are given, everything is because the conquest is a delight, and you have been very locked up in the virtual world, now it is preferable to spend the accumulated energy.

Pisces horoscope for this week
The couple is your natural world. This week awakens the need to be supported by someone and admit that you are tired of loneliness in the company … of your friends. Venus in the sign of Cancer, next stop, promises you the encounter of a stable couple and a better harmony. Shyness can sometimes be attractive, especially to another water sign.


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