Involuntary posts are already a classic on the social networks of the diva, who has already admitted that she is not a great friend of technology Credit: Instagram @gimenezsuok

For many years, the telephone was the central element of his program Hi Susan, your great ally. However, the passage of time brought the cell phones and smartphones, and Those devices, which amplified and massified the reach of social networks, made Susana Giménez star infinity of bloopers.

The most recent diva stumble unintentionally involved her personal assistant Inés Hernández. Susana apparently intended to send a photo to her right hand, but due to fate, It was published on his Instagram account.

The image in question was of a circular object, similar to a CD with two celestial stripes in the shape of a 'V'. Posted on the social network, the actress' more than two million followers wanted to know what it was about, although many understood that it could be a mistake.

As if it were a message, in Susana Giménez's publication you could read: "Send Inés" Credit: Instagram

As if it were a reminder or an indication, under the curious image you could read the phrase: "Send Inés"Some interpreted that the publication may have occurred after the host activate the voice recognition assistant on your phone.

It is not the first time that Susana has made such mistakes. In May, Angel of Brito I had shared an audio on Los Angeles de la Mañana that the diva had inadvertently sent him. On that occasion you could hear: "Siri call Ángel de Brito".

In 2018, Susana Giménez had taken a selfie without makeup and had inadvertently posted it on her Instagram
In 2018, Susana Giménez had taken a selfie without makeup and had inadvertently posted it on her Instagram Source: Archive – Credit: Instagram @gimenezsuok

Perhaps the most remembered, one of Susana's first faces on social networks was the one who also starred on Instagram in 2018. Without realizing it, she took a selfie and published the photo in her stories. After the confusion, the driver turned to humor and recognized that technology is not her thing. Within minutes of being published, the story was erased.


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