There are several tests that a main door must endure: weather, wind, rain, sun, destructive pets and, perhaps, possible intruders. So it must look robust and firm, which does not mean it is attractive enough to cause a good first impression to all the people who come to your house.

So choosing this element is a complex task to avoid that, over the years, wooden doors end up deforming, cracking or losing their external shine. Metal doors don't last forever either – the surface can come off or rust.

You also have to consider whether the homeowner wants one, for example, with glass panels that offer more light, or choose an option that mixes metal and fiberglass that mimics wood.

Sometimes changing a door also involves removing and replacing the old door frame, which includes the jambs and the threshold, especially if these wooden elements have started to rot. We can't let the old and corrupted past surround the novelty! Do not mix.

Even if the old door frame still looks good, the pieces around it can slide somewhere, making the door difficult to open and close. There are many details to take into account when a person goes to buy a door.

Dozens of styles are exhibited at hardware stores, sawmills, logging centers, importers and distributors. Although it is always possible that the client decides to design their own door, according to the measurements and materials they prefer.

For this, it must also be taken into account that the door matches the fa├žade (or does not clash), that the size is appropriate and that the appropriate choice is made. safety handle, since the market also offers a lot of variety. And what do you think of the color? In short, there are many decisions to make, since a good front door can even add value to the whole house. So it is well worth the investment of a good budget.

To land the ideas we present a very outstanding selection to let in good taste and durability.



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