It is sometimes thought that a ponytails’ hairstyle is a sign of unwillingness to take care of your hair every day. But trust expert stylist Stasha Harris that braided ponytails are a great aesthetic yet practical solution. They are fierce and fire with all your outfit options.

The stylist Stasha Harris will clearly tell you how braided ponytails are born and recommends adding them to your cute collection of hairstyles. Stasha Harris is a licensed beautician and stylist from New York State, she successfully works at her MagicFingersStudio in Brooklyn.

“With a stitch ponytail and a cool or classic outfit, your look will be more associated with the American singer Ariana Grande than with a formulaic school cheerleader”, says Stasha Harris.  Besides, the X-Stitch-Braid Ponytail, unlike ahem does not require many hours of sitting in front of a mirror. It is easy to recreate. A woman should not waste much time to complete the image.

Our unsurpassed hairdresser in this article offers to learn some important tricks before you get started to own ponytails. In case you have a desire to create this look then peep at Stasha Harris’ advice below.

1. First, you are to do deep-conditioning of hair. As any woman knows, natural hair of grade 4, requires an abundant amount of moisture for it to be properly moistened and brought to the ideal condition before braiding.

2. Clap an appropriate quantity of edge control substance on a surface of a dry hand. So there will be an opportunity of an easy approach to control edges — hair groups will be kept sleek.

3. The “feed-in” method is completely applicable in a process of braiding. It lies in the fact that during the formation of a hairstyle, a significant application of additional hair to natural hair is to be made, giving it an even and seamless look. Besides, the added hair strand reduces pinching on natural hair. That is a great alternative to avoid breakage.

4. Divide the hair into 12 groups. Braids will be formed by alternating tucking strands into the forming braids. At the same time, a special technique is used, which allows you to get hair strands of a stitch-like appearance. To fix hair, do not use any hairpin. Instead, wrap some braids near the ponytail roots. So you will immediately create a cool image.

5. Style your hair with an all-in-one styler and then shape your hair as you like. Rinse the resulting braids once a week with a cleanser. This way you can always refresh your trendy hairstyle in between the days of a full hair wash.

With two or three strokes, squeeze out the mousse over the braided strands of hair. This will stabilize the hairstyle and prevent individual curly hairs from sticking out. Insert the mousse into the braids and blow-dry.

6. Gather the braids together and submerge in hot water. Of course, after finishing your hairstyle, your stylist will do this. But you should also repeat the procedure after a few weeks, as braids will need to be refreshed anyway.


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