Have the right words to Explaining to a child about a certain situation may seem simple, but at this stage is when the most reasons arise. and therefore the adult must use the correct terms so that the doubts of the children are resolved.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is probably the time when they have a series of questions on the subject. In this context, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) "has produced a new series of stories so that parents have tools to help them easily explain to their children what the coronavirus is and how they can fight it" .

These freely available texts, according to Unicef, also explain "what is confinement, the importance of staying home and how to cope with fear, anxiety and stress in children."
There are six stories with which parents and teachers in a very didactic way can talk about the coronavirus.

With the book The bubble monkey "Children will understand what coronavirus is and how they can fight it."

Going out to the park for a walk is currently almost prohibited or taking classes virtually from home is the new modality for millions of children in the world, but with Moni stays at home, she will be able to explain "to the boys and girls that staying at home for a period of time is necessary to take care of everyone's health".

Despite being small, they also have their concerns, so with Monita Pis Pis It can show "how love and understanding are the best way to overcome that situation."

With The song of the moon "Parents and children are taught that love, understanding, and affection are essential in helping young children through difficult times."

The Chattering Monkey It will show "how parents, siblings, and friends together can help children calm down."

Finally The happy monkey"It portrays the situation of parents who are working during the emergency and the impact this has on their children. Through this story, families find solutions to understand what is happening and how to deal with it," explains Unicef.

According to the organization, these books "are an adaptation of the series Tales that bring calm that occurred in the 2016 emergency to provide psychosocial support to the children victims of the earthquake of April 16 in Ecuador."

To access the stories you must enter the website https://uni.cf/3hX2oEg. After each of the text descriptions you must click on the description ‘Click here to read’. (I)


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