Agustina Agazzani debuted at Cantando 2020 Credit: LaFlia Press

In his debut in the Singing 2020, the couple made up of Agustina Agazzani and Facundo Mazzei raised praise from the jury, but there were some controversies linked to the romantic life of the actress. After presenting "Torero" by Chayanne, it was time to talk about private life and there Angel of Brito he asked about his love present.

On whether or not she was dating girlfriend Martín Baclini, Agustina confessed: "We were getting to know each other, and the quarantine grabbed us." And regarding the reasons why he got off the Dancing of course request for Cinthia Fernández, Baclini's ex, Agazzani clarified: "There were many things, I got off the Dancing because I was not comfortable, not because of Cinthia." Lastly, he also denied that he was dating a gastronomic businessman.

In return, Nacha Guevara He greeted Facundo, whom he confessed to having known for a long time, and told him: "They started worse than they ended, but they were gaining confidence and finishing more or less at the level they have to be. Facu, you try too hard, you are too self-demanding and that prevents you from enjoying and that we enjoy. I made mistakes, nothing happens, in the mistake you will find new things "(7). For his part, Karina "La Princesita" Tejeda He thought that Facu sometimes when he sings "ask for permission", adding: "You are a singer and you have a singing career, you have to trust more in what you can give. And Agustina, you are beautiful, take advantage of that which you have a lot to exploit, and the next most confident of what you are, you have a pure color in your voice "(7).

The incident of Moria Casán in Cantando 2020 Credit: Screenshot

In its turn, Pepe Cibrián Campoy He assured: "Agustina as a model is a great singer. Facundo you are a waterspout, you leave your soul on stage, your personality is overwhelming" (7). By last, Moria Casán began his return, but at moments he had to interrupt everything to accommodate his clothes, when they made him notice that he was showing more than he should for television. Very natural and without becoming too much trouble, "la one" went ahead and concluded: "Facu, you're past love That's why I want you to transform your discomfort, because you already have a footing, daddy. Agustina, you are cute and you like girls. But there is a lack of brilliance, there is effort but try "(secret vote).


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