Laura Fernández and Ángel de Brito, the conductors of Singing 2020 Credit: LaFlia

A broadcast is missing to finish the debut week of Singing 2020, the first big program of the prime time that opens in the middle of this long quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The expectation that this reality generated was great, for all that this type of cycle means with the Marcelo Tinelli seal: show, talent, humor, emotion and many controversies, a condiment that is always expected to reduce from your diet, but never it does. For now, four days from the start, the results do not seem to be expected for a program of this deployment.

In an attempt to maintain the spectacular nature of other shipments, the first program started with a musical number adapted to the conditions generated by the pandemic, and then the drivers, a lackluster Ángel de Brito and an attentive Laura Fernández appeared quickly; in the jury, Nacha Guevara, Karina La Princesita, Pepe Cibrián and Moria Casán, the first to sow discord in the cycle. From then on, the contestants appeared, some more out of tune than others and some more willing to respond to the returns of the jury than others. In the midst of these twists and turns, the program seems not to find its rhythm, nor its identity and to be shipwrecked in the boredom of those involved.

The results of the numbers

If we analyze only the prime time, last night Singing 2020 was third, with 9.2 rating points, behind the Brazilian novel Jesus, who made 12.4 points, and the Telefe newscast who achieved 9.3 points. But if we see all the results of the day, the Singing is relegated to fifth place behind Telefe's evening proposals, Heart stories (9.5 points) and Broken wings (11.4 points).

Wednesday averaged 8.7 points and was behind Jesus (12.7 points), from Educating Nina (9.5 points) and Telefe News, who obtained 8.8 points. These results are always with the numbers of the prime time in hand because the locations change when analyzed all day, and there the program produced by Marcelo Tinelli is even more relegated. Although what does save it is that, with the exception of Tuesday, the rest of the days was the most watched program of thirteen.

Singing 2020: with his criticisms, Nacha Guevara made Lizardo Ponce cry


Tuesday was the day that Singing suffered the most: with an average of 8 points, not only could he not with his direct competition, Jesus -which achieved 12.3 points-, but within the thirteen grid itself even Guido Kaczka with his Welcome aboard managed to overcome it by a few tenths (8.2).

Meanwhile, in the debut, last Monday, when there was all the expectation about the program, he could not achieve that adrenaline was reflected in the number of viewers and thus suffered his first defeat, as he could not impose himself as the most viewed shipment of the day . But it must also be said that it was the shipment that measured the best of the week: achieved 10.1 rating points.

It is not the first time that Marcelo Tinelli and his production company LaFlia have been faced with the challenge of an elusive rating, they are surely already evaluating these first results and seeing what to do to achieve not only not to lose viewers but to attract some more.


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