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Surf print dress with white sandals, totally latex outfit with extremely high heels, and it’s just the beginning! Such exquisite love for fashion wasn’t left unnoticed, making amazing rap princess Cardi B the first female rapper appeared on January #2020 Vogue cover.

Wonder what is the secret of celebrity’s incredibly authentic style? Then check out this article. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you will have a desire to follow in Cardi B footsteps?


Born in Manhattan and raised in Bronx, Cardi B shows her fantastic personality through her outfits, eliminating any sort of limits and boundaries. In her Instagram @imcarlib she demonstrates the full spectrum of her fashion ideas and experiments. It truly inspires and it is no wonder today she has over 73 Million followers.


Cardi B is a real fashion trendsetter, so let’s check out some TIPs which will help you to be like her. Or even better. Ready to make your notes?

1. Matching Entire Outfit

Cardi chooses outfit and creates a whole finished to her fingertips look. Combine absolutely all elements between each other, it is always a win-win strategy.

2. Deck It out

Details do matter, and when we speak about fashion, it’s almost goes without saying. Cardi knows that by adding customized Birkin to her outfit or vintage Chanel. Looks absolutely astonishing.

3. Rock It In Your Way, Like Cardi Does

Let yourself be truly yourself and express it with your style. Cardi B shows her love for absolutely different styles, trying out everything. Such approach will let you find your ultimate clothes and make you feel truly yourself.

4. Time For Maximalism

While minimalism is still trending, it’s always interesting to break the rules and introduce the completely opposite concept. Try being exaggerated, too-much, add sticking details to your outfit, like Cardi B did by adding her miles-long braid to Natasha Zinko dress. More than amazing and we know what we say.


When it comes to fashion, we should be uncompromising. Like Cardi B. Express yourself without any fear. At the end, who knows who is going to be next trendsetter? Maybe, it gonna be you?


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