At 17 years old and eager to succeed on the music scene, the Guayaquil native Mattías Cevallos released his first single titled July 17 From today. Cheerful and that nothing embarrasses him, this is the description of the young musician who still He is in his last stage of high school.

In this time, when the classes are virtual for the students of the educational institutions, Mattías has known how to distribute his time and affirms that with this modality he has had more space to dedicate himself to music. Today Are you sure this is what you want to do? Professionally, as soon as he finishes school, he plans to begin his training in music production. However, musical art, although it has always been one of his passions, was not his first option. Golf is also within his interests and abilities, and he thought about making a career as an athlete but music ended up winning.

Mattías writes his songs, From today , he composed it for a year and was inspired by one of his experiences. He says he was at the beach with his friends and he met a girl who stole his attention. They talked all day and they were very good, so much so that he says he was "crazy". But after that day they never spoke again, he did not take the initiative and she did not count either. "That night I could not stop thinking about it and I killed myself writing the song and in the end it was super cool the truth, I am proud of the inspiration", He says.

The adolescent likes to write based on memories, experiences, affirms that for some lyrics he does fantasize and adds imaginary details so that "the song is really cool."

This first single is a mix between Latin and urban pop. This second genre is the one he loves. The young singer admire Danny Ocean, one of the recognized exponents of current music, is his idol and maintains that he does not believe that this will change. Ocean's romantic lyrics resonate most with Cevallos, who also aims to sing to love.

Projecting himself a year into the future, Cevallos plans to release six songs and make himself known "in the best possible way." His goal is for people to listen to his music. "Like all artists we dream," he maintains.

From today It is available on the platforms of streaming, as well as an official video on YouTube that is on Mattías' channel. (AND)


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