The journalist and producer spoke about his professional past on Radio Metro and said: "Today I could not do CQC" Source: Archive

Mario Pergolini was interviewed by Agustin Aristaran -More known as Rada-for his "Soy Rada" cycle. First broadcast on YouTube and the FLOW platform, it is currently broadcast every Saturday at noon on the Metro(95.1 FM). In that exchange of 2019, and without nostalgia about the times of CQC, the businessman and radio and television host assured that today he could not do the program and that he does not believe that the formats should be perpetuated for a long time. "I don't see the merit of doing the same program for 20 years," he assured in Radahouse, by Radio Metro.

"Caiga had no script when we did Juan (Say Natale) and Eduardo (Of the Bridge) and I ", Pergolini began, asked about the production dynamics of the program that aired between 1995 and 2014." We all got together to see the whole cake, we each wrote down what we wanted to say and that's it, "he added.

Then he added: "Caiga would not work today. Nor you could wait a week for the comment of a news. In addition, people almost no longer give more statements, they spend talking on networks. "

On how social platforms changed the way of consuming news, he continued: "When something happens that is a highlight you find out on Twitter, you don't turn on the television. No one under the age of forty does that: he finds out on Twitter, Instagram, a (message from) WhatsApp. Today you have the information very close to touch, you will check it on if you are interested. "

In dialogue with Radio Metro, the driver and producer spoke about CQC Source: Archive

On the humor and irony with which CQC It represented reality, he maintained: "Today people make jokes, memes, you see repetitions, there are youtubers with desire and time to give away their talent. There would be no way to get to the day to day, unless it is a late nightTherefore, he noted: "Caiga Quien Caiga is more a romantic or melancholic memory"

In addition to his appreciation of what the program would be like today, he considered "I don't want to go back, I don't see the merit of doing the same thing for 20 years".


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