Together with the council of American fashion designers (CFDA), satellite and cable
television channel Viacom Media Networks (MTV) decided to reward those fashion
personalities who have had a significant influence on the entertainment music industry
throughout their fruitful creative career.
It is not the first time that we have observed how fashion and music merge and complement
each other in the wide world of entertainment. MTV bet on it and created an unprecedented
award, which was received in 2019 by designer Marc Jacobs, in the great delivery. Titled
MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award, the recognition is intended to honor those fashionista
figures who have left an undeniable mark on the music industry over the years.
People will say that a personality like a couturier has little to do with the talent, creativity,
and musical direction that MTV looks for in its winners each year. However, far from being
oblivious to it, Marc Jacobs has shown in each of his collections that music is one of his
most important sources of inspiration and that there is not such a sharp division between
both forms of art and personal expression.
An exciting duo of haute couture and music
Examples of this intrinsic union are seen in Jacobs’ numerous collaborations with musical
celebrities. Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Rita Ora were some muses who wore their
designs, both on stage and on the most exclusive red carpets. Besides, singers like Cher
participated in advertising campaigns for their brand, which from its inception owed much
of its fame to these strategic promotions by figures of high importance.
But MTV did not limit itself to awarding the designer but wanted to print his vision and
talent throughout the event. Along with other professionals, Marc Jacobs filled the red
carpet with multimedia elements, which together resulted in a unique and creative
experience that impacted each of the nominees and guests.
Also, it was his eccentric look that left everyone speechless: he wore an army green tailored
suit with shoulder pads, long to the tips of his feet, and combined it with red high-heeled
shoes, covered in rubies. Unnoticed? Never. Thanks to the new accolade created by MTV,
the hard work of an icon Marc Jacobs was once again highly appreciated
Marc Jacobs did it again in 2020
The designer closed New York Fashion Week 2020 with a stroke of creative energy, pure
style, and vision. In a show that drew praise from the fashion world, Jacobs’ vision included
not only nearly 90 models in artful clothing but also more than 50 dancers choreographed
by contemporary dance veteran Karol Armitage.
Between the dancers and models wriggling and marching down the massive wooden
walkway at the Park Avenue Armory, and the audience trying to decide where to look, it’s
no wonder many missed the night’s surprise: a cameo by pop star Miley Cyrus, who walked
in a bra and black pants with elbow-length gloves and a zebra print coat.


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