It is interesting to study the history of cooking, it is an evolution of products, recipes and cultures. In the case of the hamburger, like many dishes, its origin is not completely defined; It is probable that the dishes of ground or minced meat from ancient Europe such as meatballs, cakes or even the Steak Tartar itself have mutated into what later became known as the Hamburg Steak, originally from this German city and which was considered a dish of the elite at that time of the 19th century, it would later arrive in America with the same status and well into the 20th century it would evolve when bread was incorporated as a sandwich.
A hamburger is a nutritious food, containing protein, carbohydrate and vegetables, poorly cited as junk food in my concept, since its preparation could mean high culinary criteria, if we start with meat, there are many recipes, but a good burger should contain an average of 15 to 18% fat, which provides flavor and texture, we could add herbs and spices and then it will be grilled or grilled.
The other main component is bread, which must be formulated correctly, and can be enriched with eggs and fat, so that it can be browned previously and is crisp inside and can absorb the juices of the meat without breaking down.

A hamburger is a nutritious food, containing protein, carbohydrate and vegetables, poorly cited as junk food in my concept, since its elaboration could mean a high culinary criterion ".

Traditional vegetables, lettuce, onion and tomato are a classic accompaniment; however, we could vary them with other leaves, vegetables, roasted vegetables (which give a much more intense flavor) or even fry them to achieve a crispy texture.
The sauces must be subtle, the classic mayonnaise is an excellent option, if we want to make it more homemade and personal, the ideal would be to go for an aioli, if we like mustard on the market we have good varieties of Dijon style or the commercial ones that contain more flavor to turmeric.
Extras such as cheese, bacon, actually shine with their own light, but look for the best quality, which is plenty in the country.
An acid touch is characteristic of today's hamburger, because of them pickled gherkins are the perfect balance in every bite, but how about some olives, capers or sauerkraut?

Prepare this option at home
The hamburger evolves in the world and our city has managed to correspond to that trend, since we have many businesses that have undertaken creative recipes always based on the classic origin of the most famous sandwich.
I propose a very personal option of the hamburger: a good combination is 70% beef and 30% raw chorizo ​​like butifarra, this gives it a lot of flavor and juiciness. For the sauce, I prefer a homemade mayonnaise with a touch of lemon, roasted garlic and an Italian-style tomato, but very thick and flavored with basil, the vegetables, as well as a thick lettuce; I like the roasted and peeled red peppers.
A crisp point may well be with fried onion rings; the tart touch will keep the pickles pickled, but pick the big ones that can be cut into long slices. And, of course, a high-quality bread that presents texture, firm crumb and enriched for a good browning before filling it with the other ingredients.


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