Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom after several years of notorious breakup, reconciled a little
over two years ago when they appeared in public again. Another year had to pass for his
followers to see a glimmer of hope: the second stage of their relationship. A love story
seemed to be sealed within a few months with her wedding. But it has now been rounded
off by the singer’s pregnancy.
The announced event demonstrates how the lives and romantic relationships of both artists
have changed. They stopped hiding and avoiding joint photos and began to publicly show
themselves together at diverse events, weddings, and even in the Vatican. They had been
seen at a party for the Oscars. Something that obviously shows the turnaround they went
through and their relationship.
The singer confirmed that was talked about for two days: “This may be the only my great
secret that I was keeping the longest one: the child with an actor Orlando Bloom”. Good
news that comes at a very special time for the happy couple. “There are several events that
will occur this summer. Something else my fans are waiting for,” — Katy explained
meaning her new album. Childbirth will culminate in the happiness of the couple.
A day after the announcement of her pregnancy, Katy has announced postponing her
wedding to Orlando Bloom, which was to be held in Japan. According to People (Meredith
Corporation), she is afraid that her 150 guests may be upset by the coronavirus and its
effects, both health and logistical. “I was actually excited to walk to the altar pregnant,” the
source being a close friend of this star couple, quotes this statement.
An annoying pause will only strengthen the couple’s relationship.
“Both were euphoric, but are on pause due to the coronavirus”, — the source added. The
fact that she became pregnant would have been what would have made them finally decide
on the temporary suspension of the bond. The news of the postponement comes a day after
the American singer told the world that Katy artistically expressed in the video clip on
Instagram Live her pleasant expectation of the first child.
A 35-year-old singer and 43-year-old actor Orlando Bloom got engaged on February 14,

  1. Just a year later announced their upcoming parenthood. For now, it will be up to
    them to wait to get married. In fact, it won’t come to them again, as they did before. On that
    occasion, because of the pace of work they were carrying. As to Orlando, after being given
    a second chance, the performer and actor seem to have resumed their relationship more
    The child they are expecting will be the first for Katy and the newborn will be the second
    one for Orlando. He has the pleasure and pride to be a father of the nine-year-old boy, as
    the result of his marriage to an Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr between 2010 and
  2. Perry was also married. It was in 2013 when she married comedian Russell Brand.
    But they lasted only 14 months.


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