Jackie Aina has an opinion, and she always expresses it strongly. In 2008, she opened a YouTube channel to share her knowledge, makeup practices, and tricks on the platform with millions of black women. In recent years, Aina became a household flag with her two million YouTube subscribers.


Besides, she shares her knowledge with 900,000 women on an Instagram site and 310,000 on a Twitter site. She was recently awarded by an NAACP jury the prestigious award, named Youtuber of the Year in a brand-new category co-created by YouTube and Google.

Finally, after years of stubborn disregard and rejection, Aina and other black ladies, namely Patricia Bright and the popular Nima Tang, have received universal recognition for their worthy contribution to the popularization of beauty trends. Aina announced last year that she is passionate about cooperating with trend Too Faced to enrich BTWF foundation’s color gamut as the brand counts on her help and experience. This fruitful collaboration is expected to herald an important shift in the creative direction of the beauty industry.

The secret of Aina’s popularity is that she is a faithful supporter of true beauty in all its manifestations. Her favorite creative themes are skincare and versatile makeup. Aina has the gift of skillfully choosing wigs and making hairstyles, depending on the elements and style of clothing, on the state of mind and mood.

“When I do skincare, I prefer hyaluronic acid and all cosmetics with vitamin C. I like various brands of creams and ointments in the form of water gels. I am a big supporter of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) creams in any weather, as due to dark skin, hyperpigmentation is inherent in me.

Appearing on social networks, Aina proves with inspiration that the power of beauty is enormous, and everyone can use it. She repeats over and over again in video tutorials that performing first-class makeup does not require any special techniques and tricks. She just does what she is really passionate about. And first, it teaches its fans to think creatively along with professional makeup and hairstyle techniques.

Jackie Aina sets the mood with a new collection of candles

On August 10, Jackie Aina made an official presentation of scented candles in artistic design. But the subscription for their purchase has already begun on August 4. That is, from the date of Jackie’s birthday. The names of the first 4 flavored products are pink candle Caked Up, green one Matcha Business, a purple with a bright unique scent On Read, and a peach version Cuffing Season.

“I look forward to talking to my Twitter followers about the history of the chosen scents for candles. After all, a lot of emotions and memories are usually associated with smells”, wrote Jackie Aina on the blog. Many subscribers perceive watching the video tutorials of the makeup master as a sincere conversation with a like-minded person who not only supports and inspires creativity in every possible way but also makes a critical analysis if necessary.


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