With those round eyes capable of controlling an entire herd, directing and ordering a group of sheep, the Border Collie is considered the most intelligent breed of dog in the world.

This title was attributed to the breed by Stanley Coren, professor, neuropsychological researcher and author of the famous book "The intelligence of dogs", published in 1994, where it is ensured that this breed has the highest obedience capacity, in addition to learning with ease. and quickly.

In 2011, the case of Chaser, a border collie, was studied, based on Stanley's experiment. Chaser could identify and recognize more than a thousand words and voice commands, using this ability to work and please his master. Unfortunately, he died last year at 15 years old.

Photo: ChannelPlus

Border Collies are very active and strong animals. With an approximate height of 46 to 54 centimeters and weight of 14 to 22 kilograms.

Collies emerged in the Scottish mountains between 1700 and 1800.

It is a breed that creates a strong bond with its owners, it is noble, protective, with a great capacity for learning and very loyal. Border Collie Dog need a lot of physical activity and a good deal since if you scold him a lot it is possible that they will become a suspicious dog and so he chooses to teach them tricks and manners with a lot of patience, remember that they they react very well to training.

Among his most important care is that of his sight. This intelligent race usually suffers from ocular abnormalities They generally begin to hinder night vision and unfortunately, over time they can end in blindness.

A complete diet for your adult Border Collie involves between 350 and 400 grams of dry food. (I)


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