Quito –

Since 1997, the month of August has been synonymous with art for Quito for the realization of cultural events under the concept "August Arts Month", in which different artists exhibit their works in various sectors of the city.

Despite the fact that the capital is experiencing a health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 198 events will take place virtually, so that people from Quito can experience culture from their homes. With this objective, the Secretary of Culture of the Municipality of Quito has called the event: "Your Home will be the stage for a new way of living culture in Quito."

The Secretary of Culture, Digo Jara, stated that cultural activities will be developed in three thematic axes: cultural artistic training and education, creative dialogues and experience of culture.

For the development of the three axes, the Ministry of Culture has provided technical and human resources to generate inclusive and intergenerational programming.

The director of Culture in the Public Space, Luis Aguilar, reported that all the cultural programming will take place from August 1 to 31. Most of the events will take place virtually and very few in the neighborhoods and parishes with the project "Asómate ve".

Aguilera added that all the programs that will be developed in "August Arts Month" will be carried out in the different stages of the capital. Among them: Sucre National Theater, the City Museum Foundation, the cultural centers and all the entities that make up the cultural sector of the Municipality of Quito.

In this framework, Councilor Analía Ledesma said that the people of Quito will live a different August, because the scenes of the events will be the screens of their computers, tablets and cell phones, and she invited people from Quito, tourists and citizens of the entire world to enjoy the programming.

The complete schedule of events can be found at www.quitocultura.com. (I)


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