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The oldest daughter of pop queen Madonna is famous for keeping away from socials like Instagram or Twitter and keeping her personal life in secret. But today we will not touch these issues, because there are things much more interesting. Wanna know more? Then check out the latest celebrity news below!


Recently great Madonna celebrated her birthday party in Jamaica and made some posts on Instagram. Numerous cocktails, colorful costumes, party seemed to 100% going cool! Though she is 62, she really shows her fantastic energy, endless positivity and, of course, real provocation! After posting photo with Jamaican herbs, she made a post with her daughter Lourdes Leon. Wow, do you believe that?


Leon is not a typical celebrity, making hundreds of stories per day. No. She prefers privacy, however, each her public appearance attracts instant attention. Her style is very authentic, and you can say at once she is THAT LEGENDARY daughter. She doesn’t follow any specific trends, like she can wear a tank top with shorts one day, while other she wears a tight blue dress. You never know what gonna be next.


If you want to see how to add a bit of Leon’s iconic style into your everyday life, check out what we have notices so far:

1. Remember about colorful eyeshadows.

Light blue, dark green, or lemon yellow – believe us – they will make you look stunning. Of course, the basic rule is the color match.

2. Follow your mood.

Your look should express your personality. The more unexpected it is, the better. Provocation stands first.

3. Be natural

Leon supports the beauty of woman body, demonstrating her underarm hair. Are you brave enough to do the same?

As we can see, it doesn’t take that much to express your personality, while being authentic and real. Lourdes Leon, just like her mother Madonna, knows that and has no fear to be different.


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