We must learn to love our curls but at first, it costs. The idea lies in finding the master key or a technique that defines them, keeps them under control, does not frizz them, and adds volume. They are too many requirements but if you have curly hair, you know perfectly what we are talking about. Each of us develops our own method over time but it never hurts to have a few extra tips.

1. It all starts with the wash.

We are not referring to the shampoo you use. It for sure has to be highly hydrating, but we mean how you finish the process. Have you heard that cold water makes hair shine? That’s not the only good part. By better sealing the cuticle, it makes curly hair to frizz less. That is why it is highly recommended that the last rinse be done with cold water. If you use hair care products specialized in curly hair, the results will be even more spectacular.

2. Handling the towel.

You may have never thought how important this step is. You should start by completely discarding the typical towels in favor of a microfiber turban. These absorb moisture better and do not break the hair fibers. Never should you twist the towel around your hair. Try to wrap it in a gentle way giving as few wraps as possible. Don’t rub it dry! If you do, the frizz will make an appearance and you will break the natural curvature of the wet curl.


3. Use the mask wisely.

One of the greatest needs of curly hair is deep hydration. The mask is essential in your life, forever and ever. But we’re sorry to tell you that wearing it for a minute is not much use. After washing, let it act for as long as possible. One hour is the magic number. Doing it like this once a week is enough. Take advantage of that Sunday at home and give yourself the pampering you deserve.


4. The “kneading” technique.

You know that gesture we make with our hands whereby we mark the curls by squeezing them inside. We are not going to tell you to stop doing it. In fact, it is a classic of those who have curly hair. We are only going to talk about when it should take place. It is essential when we apply the styling cream, foam, or defining oil. But do we have to spend all the time doing it? Negative.

Once you distribute the chosen product well you should let it settle and act. But do not do it when the hair still gives off drops of water. When it starts to dry, you can do it again but not before it. It is because you will not be able to curl it more and you will make it frizzy. If you hold out that a bit, you will see how you gain definition and volume.



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