The hospitals of the South Guasmo and of Mount sinai 88% continue to receive patients with severe pneumonia in the Intensive Care Rooms (ICU), which are occupied, reported the Zonal Coordination 8 of the Ministry of Health (MSP).

This entity, which covers the jurisdiction of Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón, reported that it was assigned to the Guasmo sur and Monte Sinaí hospitals as houses to receive cases with COVID-19; Meanwhile he Abel Gilbert Pontón hospital It was left with a room to serve patients who require third-level care for coronaviruses.

To date, July 30, 2020, 360 hospitalizations with suspected diagnosis of COVID-19 were registered in the three hospitals in Guayaquil. In total, there are 76 operating beds for ICU COVID-19, of which 67 are occupied, representing 88% of occupancy, with an availability of 12%. On the other hand, in the hospitalization area there are about 60 beds available, in the three hospitals.

According the Viepi epidemiological notification tool, it is evident that of the people with a suspicious diagnosis of COVID-19 attended in these hospitals of the Zonal Coordination 8, in March, 90.6% corresponded to patients resident in this jurisdiction, a percentage that increased to 91.4% in April. However, since this date there has been a downward trend: 69.6% in May; 65.6% in June and currently 44.4% in July.

The zonal coordinator, doctor Francisco Pérez, explained to this newspaper that 70% of the patients seen in the ICU are from provinces throughout the country who arrive in a complex state through direct referral from health homes.

He added that even medical personnel are operating in hospitals in more than 80%, except in cases where their health is endangered and they do their work online. He explained that now the scenario contrasts with what they experienced in March when more than 50% of medical professionals were absent due to the high level of contagion of the virus.

Joaquín M., a patient recovered from COVID-19, explained that he entered a wheelchair at south Guasmo hospital with a lung infection and who was immediately treated with everything he needed. “I was hospitalized for almost a month. The love that each professional has put has helped me to get up and feel strong. I still cannot believe that I am already walking and with my family at home, ”he said.

In other hospitals like Luis Vernaza, medical personnel indicated that they do have availability in ICU care and agree that the greatest demand is from patients from outside the city.

He Teodoro Maldonado Carbo and Los Ceibos They also register a high demand for ICU beds, they are at 100% and 85% occupancy, respectively, the IESS reported last Tuesday.

The cantonal COE asked the hospitals to update figures of the COVID-19 care to keep a data and that this serves to develop measures that keep Guayaquil in control after the devastating scenario that occurred in the health crisis of last March and April.

The hospitals that serve COVID-19 patients informed this newspaper that they remain alert with the possibility of expanding care and that they have clear contingency protocols in case local contagions increase again due to the suspicion of a second outbreak this month. of August. (I)


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