Android 11 has, among its new features, one that allows developers adapt your applications to be used by floating bubbles, such as those that appear when we have a new conversation on Facebook Messeger, it is indicated in a publication of The Spanish.

Something new is that this type of tools is used in non-messaging applications, in this case, the Google assistant.

According to a published video, the bubble works the same as we have seen so far. When we want to use it, it appears on the screen and, when we stop using it, we can drag it to the bottom where an X will appear to delete it.

"At the moment this function is just a code that 9to5Google has found in the APK of the latest beta of the Google app available on the Play Store. It is not possible for now to activate this function not in that version of the application, "says El EspaƱol.

This feature is still under development and has not been tested yet, but it is possible that premieres after a few months when Android 11 is official and many applications are updated with new APIs to use these bubbles. (I)


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