Gloria Carrá assured that she has no link with Luciano Cáceres Credit: Instagram

The separation between Gloria Carrá and Luciano CáceresFour years ago, it was not done on good terms. After she started a legal dispute against him, accusing him of not meeting the alimony quota that the judge had ordered for their daughter, Amelia, the twists and turns between the two took public status and the cross accusations reached the media. After a time of silence, this week the actress again referred to the relationship with her ex and told how they are today.

"You take care of your children from suffering as much as you can, then they are experiences," she said when asked about how she protected her daughters by separating from their parents. "When Angela [Torres] was little, and she hadn't turned a year, I had already separated from her father. This was a lot, twenty years ago, and I remember telling a friend that I blamed her for her. , to which my friend replied: "But Glo, for a while now everyone will be children of separated parents." And she was right at some point. The best thing is to try to have a good relationship, "she added during a Interview with Miter Live, made on Instagram by journalist Juan Etchegoyen.

Despite the pain of a separation, Gloria said that there are other things that scare her more when thinking about her girls. "With my daughters the greatest fear is not that, but it is to take care of someone else who wants to harm them. Angela is great and we talk about it, but with Amelia too. I am desperate to see girls beaten by boyfriends. Not to mention the women who have been killed during the quarantine, "he said.

"Sometimes I see something that happens and I think: 'How do I tell Amelia?' So, I call her and I say: 'Never let a boyfriend, uncle, or father touch you where you don't like it and makes you feel bad. You always know that you can count on me and you can talk. Never let them threaten you. "That takes more time than separation from his father," he reaffirmed.

Carrá immediately referred to how the little girl she had with Cáceres lives today, that her parents are no longer together. "Separation with her father is busy and she is going through it day by day. We try to give her all the love possible. The other thing takes up more of my time, it makes me desperate," she said again before revealing how her relationship with her parents is. their daughters.

"With Angela's father I no longer have a link, luckily, because she is big and I try not to have one.Everything is fine with Amelia's father, but we don't have a bond, we greet each other and that's it, "he said bluntly." Yes, we are very attentive to her, we always agree to raise her. We are both very aware of their needs and we give a lot of love, but apart from that we have no relationship, "he added before making a final reflection. "You always have to think about children first."




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