The wealth of typical Ecuadorian gastronomy is also measured by the various ways in which families in each city or canton of the country prepare and bring national recipes to the table. You may try a seafood-based dish like ceviche, but perhaps at home, there is an ingredient that makes its flavor unique, and no one else has managed to match it.

These culinary traditions, which are inherited from generation to generation and which diversify our gastronomic proposal, are the main theme of Family secrets, documentary series born as an initiative of Origins, a social responsibility program of the Diners Club of Ecuador.

The production, which airs every Monday at 7:00 p.m. and airs its episodes on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m., recorded various families across the country to capture their family stories and recipes. Each of these stories are presented in 18 chapters that have Ignacio Medina, international critic and gastronomic columnist for the newspaper The country, from Spain.

"This social responsibility program we have been developing for eight years in order to rescue the gastronomic culture of our country. This is the second series we do, two years ago we launched Cooking the origins, which referred more to what is popular cuisine, to village cuisine. We have been working not only on making a documentary theme but also on training and empowering entrepreneurs, families and establishments that want to enhance their cooking skills, "he says. Augusta Bustamante, manager of social responsibility of Diners Club Ecuador.

Through a call for social networks, different family recipes were chosen to rescue culinary traditions, which will not only show Ecuadorian cuisine but the crossbreeding of our culture through the food prepared by each family, adds Bustamante, about the participants in this production. .

"Everyone who appears had experience in the kitchen, it is actually a cookbook for someone who practices cooking and applies it. I have not had to participate in the culinary ceremony more than a few times, but they and they have cooked and they are the ones that administer this recipe book on an almost daily basis ”, Medina explains.

Among those who participate in the series are Margarita and Mercedes Tello (Quito but from Esmeraldas), Ximena Vintimilla (Cuenca), Zeineb Solah (Quito), Ana Mercedes Sánchez (Ambato), Rosa Vintimilla Vinueza (Cuenca), Patricia Larrea (Ambato ), Hellen Quiñonez (Quito-Esmeraldas), Irene Marqués De La Plata and Giomar Avilés (Guayaquil).

“Everything catches my attention. There are simple things like pastel de maqueño, encocado, stew with cabbage, pork and pear and ayaguana, black pudding, each cooking and preparation always changes. The same dish made in 100 kitchens will give 100 different dishes and that makes each dish new ", he says. The production reopened the call for a second edition at (I)


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