Citizens of more than 30 US states received unsolicited correspondence bearing the seal of the Chinese official mail Credit: CNN

It is a strange situation that the authorities have not yet been able to elucidate. In thirty states of the U.S There are people who received packages containing seeds that supposedly come from their homes, through the mail. China. A correspondence that, in addition, they had never requested.

He United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) He was alert to this situation and recommended that those who receive these packages not open them and, of course, not plant the seeds they contain.

According to the own USDA, and according to the photos shared by the different state departments of agriculture of the places where the strange packages were received, these shipments seem to come from China.

The seeds could be from invasive species, which would do great harm to the American environment Credit: Twitter

According to what was reported by CNN, the labels that accompany this product -with Chinese characters- are from the China (China Post), which is the official correspondence service of the Asian country. In addition, some labels of the shipments received by US citizens indicated that inside the envelope there was imitation jewelryBut this was not so.

Invasive species

In all cases, the correspondence included seeds packed in clear plastic bags. The US authorities pointed out that they could be invasive plant species, and urged that those who receive them do not try to plant them.

"Invasive species can wreak havoc on the environment by displacing or destroying native plants and insects and severely damaging crops," the Virginia Department of Agriculture, one of more than 30 states that received the seeds, said in a statement. .

Wang wenbinspokesman for Chinese Foreign MinistryHe said at a press conference last Tuesday that the address labels were forged. In turn, he applied to the United States Postal Service (USPS) to send you some of the packages, to carry out the pertinent analyzes in the Asian country.

The post office of the U.S It even analyzes if it is going to send some of the packages to their supposed place of origin.

Another hypothesis: "brush" scam

In addition to the idea that it may be invasive seeds, another hypothesis behind the mysterious shipments is that it may be a scam known as blow dry or "brushed".

Chinese authorities said that the postal labels of that country were flashed
Chinese authorities said that the postal labels of that country were flashed Credit: CNN

It is a commercial scheme on the edge of the legal which consists of sending people articles that they did not request and then writing, on behalf of those people, positive reviews of the product received on specialized sites.

In this way, with the high marks of the supposed users, the article in question is positioned in the first places among the recommended brands, and with it increases sales.

Positive reviews could be for any product, beyond the item the recipient received. For this reason, the authorities suspect that some people received packages labeled jewelry – or costume jewelery – when in fact they contained seeds. What happens, they explained, is that the seeds are lighter and therefore cheaper to send.

"When people receive a package they didn't order, that scam is one of the first things we suspect"; pointed to CNN Katherine Hutt, spokeswoman for the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

But so far, that's only a theory. He USDA noted that his Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Aphis) was investigating the situation together with the Department of Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security, other federal agencies, state agriculture departments, and the BBB.


Meanwhile, the USDA He sent those receiving these strange packages a series of recommendations. Basically, these people should immediately contact the state plant or plant health regulator.

The correspondence could also be related to a type of commercial scam known as "brush" or "brush", which seeks to generate positive comments about a product to increase sales.
The correspondence could also be related to a type of commercial scam known as "brush" or "brush", which seeks to generate positive comments about a product to increase sales. Credit: CNN

Both the packaging and the content must be kept intact. You should not open the bag with the seeds, or throw it in the trash, so that they do not end up in a place where they can take root.

Regarding the scam theory, the authorities alerted the recipients of the product to find out that their personal data has not been compromised. In particular, they recommend reviewing bank statements, credit cards, and other invoices to ensure that the information has not been used to make unauthorized purchases or withdrawals.

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