The fans of Cyanide candies They will live a new experience when it comes to concerts. Given the circumstances of the pandemic, the word reinvent itself has taken on a lot of force and has also been taken by the Venezuelan band, which started a tour in March, but was postponed.

The virtual shows that are currently being held are not considered new to the members of Cyanide Caramels, Asier Cazalis and Pável Tello, his album released last year Acoustic backhoe I was already preparing them. "Fortunately we come from making an acoustic album, which is an album like with very naked songs. I think learning to make that acoustic album has made us adapt very well to the acoustic format, which I think is what it sounds like. very well in these transmissions … ", says Cazalis to this newspaper, from Caracas.

"We have realized that when you are going to broadcast over the internet, the simpler it soundsThe better, the less complicated the mix is ​​or the people are very remote from each other, I really think the song suffers a lot, the product, "he adds.

The concert that they will offer this Saturday, at 21:00, for Ecuador and Latin America is the second in modality on-line, the first one was for Puerto Rico, so now they promise a great show, "production has greatly improvedI think we are going to do something very nice so that people are very happy, "he says.

Work on new album

In the repertoire, according to the vocalist, in addition to the successes already known by the followers of the band, they will include an unpublished song from the album that is in the final facet and which they have titled Control.

The album will be different to what their audience is used to hearing from the band, which had two Latin Grammy nominations in 2016, in the category best pop rock album for 8 and best rock theme for Abyss. "Pavel and I have been based in Miami for the last few years, working with other producers, with other artists, writing for other artists. I think travel always inspires," says the 48-year-old singer.

"It is an album with a lot of energy, very positive, at the very top, I think it is the best collection of songs that we have had in our career," he adds. The band emerged in 1991.

This new record work, says the artist, has been given more time to thoroughly review the details. "Usually when you are recording an album, you are under pressure not only to release it but to finish it because you have to go play. It is the first time that we can give ourselves our time and I think people will notice the result … ", he explains.

The name of the disc (Control) also has its reason for being, according to the artist. "We feel that we are in control of our career, of our life, of our feelings, of our message. Despite what the world is experiencing, it is a period of uncertainty for us, it has been like a very fertile moment of the career and a moment like being reborn creatively … ", he maintains.

Although they have been classified as a rock band, Cazalis mentions that their music is influenced by other genres and that fusion will also be included in Control.

It is better to talk about the future for the vocalist almost not at all, mainly due to the circumstances that the world is going through, he prefers to live one day at a time and he is sure that sooner or later they will return to the stage to physically meet with his followers, but until that comes he recommends staying healthy, following the recommendations of the authorities. "For us musicians, not only musicians, cinemas, theaters, everything that is culture is stopped, but I think we will come back with more strength," he says.

As a father he has dedicated himself to his children, to carry out activities at home, things that due to the constant tours he could not do.

Recently Cyanide Candies debuted The sea, song that is part of the album Acoustic backhoe. In addition, with the theme they make a tour of the folk sounds of Venezuela.

Tickets for the virtual show cost $ 8. They can be purchased at (AND)

"Thank you Ecuador for the affection, we love you very much, we miss you very much, we are very supportive of you. We know that you have had some very difficult months, especially there in Guayaquil, where I have so many friends, so many people that I love and miss", Asier Cazalis, lead singer of Cyanide Candies.


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