Caramelo de Cianuro, a rock band of Venezuelan origin, announced that it is preparing a virtual meeting with his followers from Ecuador, so that they can enjoy their repertoire.

During the online concert, fans of the group will be able to listen to popular songs such as 'The last dust', 'Veronica', 'The stars', among other themes of this band formed in 1991.

In this way Cyanide Candies joins many other artists and singers who they seek to meet their audience through virtual platforms, Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is not possible to hold concerts and generate crowds.

Cyanide Candies has visited Ecuador on several occasions and he has given concerts in different cities of the country, where he has a large number of followers.

The online concert will take place this Saturday, August 1, at 9:00 p.m. Tickets are for sale through Ticketshow, worth $ 8. (AND)


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