A general view shows a protest near the Brandenburg Gate against government restrictions amid the outbreak of coronavirus disease in Berlin Source: Reuters

BERLIN.- A series of riots took place when more than 15,000 protesters with anti-quarantine, anti-vaccine and far-right ideology marched through the German capital today, without respecting the distance, or wearing face masks, part of the demands of the authorities to allow the protest. It occurred with full spike in infections in the country and the day when the highest increase in coronavirus infections was recorded, in three months.

The protesters called for the "end of the pandemic "and its restrictions and they used "Freedom Day" as a motto of the call. That's the title of the movie about the seventh congress of the Nazi Party, 1935, directed by Leni Riefelstahl, the filmmaker who worked in the service of Adolf Hitler's propaganda apparatus. That sign betrayed the far-right interest of the meeting.

Along the way, passed through the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate and they used slogans against "the tyranny" of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her alleged allies: the pharmaceutical industry and the American billionaire Bill Gates. The protest was unarmed in amid tensions between the police and the conveners, before reaching his goal, the Victory Column, in the heart of the capital.

Protesters at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with the slogan "the end of the pandemic, the day of freedom", in order to protest against current measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 Source: AFP

After deconcentration, the demonstration broke up into dozens of groups willing to focus, however, on the Column, while others headed for alternative goals, such as the headquarters of the Chancellery or Government Headquarters, EFE news agency reported. According to RBB regional public television, the total number of protesters reached 17,000, among which there were merchants unhappy with restrictions on public life.

The Berlin authorities deployed a strong security device, since the mobilization coincided with a Twenty other protests, including three of a leftist nature, against the denialists' march.

The concentration occurred in a moment of concern among the rulers about the increase in new infections, both "imported" and local. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the country's epidemiological authority, in the last 24 hours there were 955 new infected, a number that had not reached since May 9, reported the German news agency DPA. The total count is in 209,653 cases, of which 192,700 are recovered patients and 9,148 fatalities.

A woman wears a mask of the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, with the inscription
A woman wears a mask of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with the inscription "Goodbye democracy", during a demonstration organized by the Querdenken 711 group, against restrictive measures imposed by the government to stop the spread of the coronavirus Credit: DPA

At the Robert Koch Institute they said that the laxest application of the rules of distance and hygiene, as well as travelers returning from abroad they are to blame for the increase in cases. As a measure to avoid that, As of today, Germany offered free coronavirus tests for those returning from other countries. These will be mandatory starting Monday for those arriving from risky regions, in order to avoid quarantine.

To the operation for the protests, he joined more police activity aimed at avoiding public order problems, before him increase in "spontaneous" parties which have been in the German capital for weeks. They are outdoor gatherings or picnics, that get to gather thousands. Although the authorities show some tolerance, for understanding them as one form of entertainment for young people, While the clubs and discos are still closed, toSome ended in riots, like the ones from a few weeks ago in Frankfurt or Stuttgard.


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