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Ricardo Arjona He is one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Latin America, although there are also those who criticize him.

In a conversation with the media this Friday, the Guatemalan said that within the great tragedy that the coronavirus has created in the world, there are positive things. One of them is "that people have gotten a little bit crazier. "

The artist told anecdotes from his artistic life, until March of this year, which forced him to radically transform his plans to promote and deliver to the public what he describes as "one of the most ambitious projects" of his career.

It's about your production Black and white, consisting of two discs, two books, a traveling photographic exhibition and a tour.

When he talks about the folly of people during the pandemic, Arjona refers to those impulses "that are born in the boredom of confinement" and have led people to become "more creative in confinement".

As an example he put his collaboration with his Spanish colleague Pablo Alboran, with whom this week launched a new acoustic version of The love that had me, a joint work that was born "naturally".

"We were receiving 'covers' (versions) of 'Hongos' -the first single from the album- and we got one of it, but as it was at the end, I sent him a piano (in melody) and in less than 24 hours later, he had recorded five different versions, "he recalled.

It is the same impulse that led him to decide which would first White, releasing the songs one by one on the streaming platforms, until today, which is fully for sale.

Blanco's songs on Spotify.

He also decided to transform the tour into videos, in which he would explain the reason and the story behind each of his songs, and the gallery into a private virtual space for his most dedicated fans, who can acquire membership in his exclusive club and immerse themselves in the ambitious "Mundo Arjona".

"I think the lack of creativity and emotion are as sick as the virus itself," said the 56-year-old artist, who remains as critical of the recording industry as in 2011, when he released his album Independent, the first published by his own label, which he gave the name of Metamorphosis.

What do you think of reggaeton?

When other singers speak negatively of the state of current music they refer to the urban genre. That is not the problem of Arjona, who He insists that he is not "an enemy of reggaeton, since most of the artists have tried very hard to be where they are" and promote their music.

For Arjona, it was the exponents of other genres who "stopped doing things, left spaces free" and that is why he does have problems "with people who belong to other genres and get into reggaeton."

"The best way to defend rock is to do the best possible rock 'n' roll. The best way to defend the ballad is to do the best possible ballad and so on," he stressed.

It is what led him to London in 2019 to make a duet album with women, which became two installments of what he considers the essence of his style, recorded with techniques from the 60s, in Abbey Road, the studio where they recorded the Beatles.

His 'madness' for uncertainty

The good madness that the quarantine has brought also has Arjona, who spends it at his home in Miami (United States).

His goal is for artistic spontaneity to be the north towards which he wants to continue walking all his life. That is why he has spent a decade rejecting formulas in music and in other aspects of his life.

Feel happy that the process of creating Black and white It made him feel very nervous before going out on stage in a bar in London, where among the 200 in the audience were large musicians and up to four backing vocals by Michael Jackson, who ended up singing with him and added to the album.

He acknowledges that he has "no idea" when he will get Black, the second part of the delivery and is not bothered by uncertainty. On the contrary, he prefers it to boredom, something he had already talked about.

What he had not mentioned before were his fears, his personal insecurities and hidden complexes that he claims to have "many and like other artists" he works on stage.

"I am a famous type to have a complicated personality but he is not more than a shield to hide", admitted.

The shield with which he protects himself also uses it to protect his heroes.

One of them is the late Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who was his neighbor for years in Mexico City and whom he never dared to meet, "so as not to end the magic", but to whom he pays tribute in White when talking about your Macondo.

Another magic he is not willing to bet on is the one created between the artist and his audience at concerts.

Arjona acknowledged that he is not comfortable with the idea of ​​concerts through the networks and that you cannot "imagine a concert with masks or with the audience six feet (two meters) apart. For that as for other things, it will be better wait, "he concluded. (I)


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