Multicolored necklaces and bracelets, different sizes and varied designs. That's the new accessory trend that's captivating. After a gray time of sadness and concern, people may choose to give their lives a touch of color and creativity through the use of stylish accessories.

Happiness, the collection of jewelery designer Estefanía Wright (@estefiwright), is based on just that. "I felt that we needed a little color after everything we lived, I also needed a fresh start (a fresh start) ”.

The renewal

Necklaces of beads (those that were in fashion ten years ago and were used on the beach), gold, silver, semi-precious stones, quartz, everything is combinable according to the taste of each person, granting an opening for people to explore their tastes in jewelry and accessories with total freedom.

If before some said that gold and silver could not be combined or that some colors did not go well together, that has already been forgotten, this is a flexible and reinventing time and in fashion it is also being felt.

One of the ways a lot of necklaces can be used to make them look is layered. That is, they must have different sizes so that they are one below the other and the difference is appreciated.

"Mixing stuff is being used a lot, it's also recycling ”says Wright. Taking out the costume jewelery and jewelery that at some point was discontinued is an option to dress the trend and give a second life to the elements.

Rocío Saltos, who has had her jewelry sales business for 32 years, says that what is in fashion above all is the chain store. Saltos also refers to the colored necklaces and maintains that since she does each of the jobs she sells, she often does not have time to design as such, however, the personalized orders of her clients help her put together the exhibition to your instagram page @jewelrycenter.

Since Saltos usually works on request, she states that her clients request large quantities of bead necklaces. What the artisan does is mix this material with a pearl shell or quartz to give it another style.

The trend loaded in colors and quantity can be attractive to many but not everyone, that's why there are options for those who are not very comfortable with various colors and they can still be fashionable but applying it their way.

Image consultant Marcela Palacios (@marcepalaciosc) recommends using neutral tones and adding a “pop” of color to one of the accessories when dressing, as this will be the center of attention. For example, wear everything in black and wear red shoes. The same says that it applies to the use of strings. He maintains that for people who like sobriety a little more, opting for a single range of colors and adding a different one may be ideal for them.

Colors, the post-pandemic trend can be a simple way to express joy through accessories and also infect others to try something different, full of life. (I)


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