La China Suárez published the first photo of Amancio with Rufina and Magnolia Credit: Instagram

After spending a few days hospitalized after the birth of her third child, the China Suarez he's back at home with the little one Amancio. Happy and proud, the new mother shared with her followers some postcards of the first hours of the baby along with their older sisters: Rufina and Magnolia.

The first photo was uploaded last night. In it you could see the feet of "Rufi", the girl that the actress had seven years ago with Nicolás Cabré, along with those of the newborn, who rested on a bed.

In addition to the portrait, China published two videos where you can see the girls playing with the gifts that their little brother brought them. "Gifts so the girls don't get jealous," he wrote as an epigraph.

Rufiina with her brother, Amancio Credit: Instagram

Today in the afternoon, Eugenia shared another image that touched her followers. Taking advantage of the sun on Friday afternoon, the protagonist of Argentina, land of love and revenge He went out for a walk with his three heirs. In the photo, Rufina is seen pushing the pram in which her younger brothers, Magnolia and Amancio, are traveling.

Rufina and Magnolia for a walk with their new brother, Amancio
Rufina and Magnolia for a walk with their new brother, Amancio Credit: Instagram

Amancio was born Tuesday night at the Los Arcos clinic in Palermo, where China Suárez had already scheduled a cesarean section. About the original name chosen by the parents for their baby, a follower of the former Almost angels He referred to its meaning on Twitter: "It is a masculine proper name of Latin origin in its Spanish variant. It means 'lover, loving, loved'. Beautiful name, blessings for the new member of the family."

Before leaving the hospital, Eugenia uploaded a photo with Benjamin Vicuña and the baby, introducing him to society. "Just words of thanks. Thanks for health, thanks for love. I explode with happiness. Amancio, my beloved," wrote the actress on her Instagram account.

In addition to Rufina and Magnolia, Amancio has three siblings as a result of the relationship of his father, Vicuña, with Carolina "Pampita" Ardohaín: Bautista, 12 years old, Beltrán, 8, and Benicio, 5, who will surely meet the baby in the next few hours.


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