For many people in the world, especially in Latin America, Chespirito's programs are almost cult and although they have seen them several times, they can do it again to laugh at the same jokes.

These people are sad with the news that until Friday the programs created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños (1929-2014), also known as Chespirito, were broadcast, and since August began, they have withdrawn from the programs worldwide due to lack of agreement between Televisa and the Chespirito Group, managed by the artist's children.

This was reported by Roberto Gómez Fernández, who added that negotiations continue so that programs such as El Chavo del 8 and El Chapulín Colorado come back to the screen as soon as possible.

"Although sad about the decision, my family and I hope that Chespirito will soon be on the world screens. We will continue to insist, and I am sure we will succeed," said Roberto Goméz Fernández on Twitter.

Graciela Gómez Fernández and Florinda Meza – famous for the character of Doña Florinda -, daughter and widow of Gómez Bolaños, criticized the lack of intention of the Mexican television to reach an agreement.

"Although I have nothing to do with it because inexplicably I have not been called to the negotiations, I think that right now, when the world needs more fun, doing that is an attack on people. Pretending to eliminate it is an unwise move. ..) It is sad to see how in your own house, which you have given millions of dollars, is where you are least valued, "said Meza.

More information on the reasons that prevented the agreement has not yet been released, but criticism of the decision has already appeared on social networks, especially in Mexico.

Televisa has not commented. (I)


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