For several days, social networks have been overwhelmed by Photographs of women in black and white. A trend more or just a challenge more than many that there could have thought some. However, this initiative has a social background, which although many criticize it and claim that it is not effective, has given it a sense of sorority to the female community globally.

It all started with the rise of the voice of the women of Turkey, a group that suffers from a high degree of sexist violence and femicide. In case of Pinar Gultekin, A young university student reported missing on July 16 and who was later found, but beaten, strangled and buried in a barrel, marked the beginning of the movement in the networks, tired of the murders.

The Pinar Gultekin aggressor was identified and taken into custody although there are fears that he will be released or receive a light sentence for his crime.

Other challenges in black and white have already occurred before, however, in this particular scenario, turkey women They decided to do it that way to refer to the newspaper appearance of women who have died as victims of gender violence. A way to raise awareness and say that anyone could be next to appear on the page of a newspaper for his death.

Fear and confusion grows in the country, not only because of the numbers that are already alarming (in 2019 500 femicides were registered and it is not really known how many more there could have been extra-officials), but the Turkish government intends to carry out reforms in the law they could leave unprotected women of domestic violence.

The social media challenge left Turkey and has taken over the world. The famous ones have also echoed this initiative on Instagram. For example Salma Hayek wrote as part of his black and white photo description: "I support the women in Turkey who started this movement against femicide and I thank them for inspiring this unity."

Among others known are Kate Hudson, Gal Gadot, Jeniffer Aniston, Lily Collins, Eva Longoria and more, their publications being part of the more than 6 million that were counted until Thursday. "The trend continues to grow with the use of the hashtag on Instagram, which doubled only in the last day," an Instagram spokeswoman said Monday.

In the United States, the challenge went viral from a different source. The congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uploaded a video speaking about Congressman Ted Yoho's sexist comments against her, while the plenary session of Congress was held last week. From there, feminist content and empowerment publications rose, according to Cristine Abram, public relations manager and marketing influencer for Later, who points out the The New York Times.

The label (or hashtag): #ChallengeAccepted had previously been used, so I was already familiar with algorithms and that allowed the spread of posts that had it to increase. (I)


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