The video has shocked social networks due to the picturesque demonstration of great
personalities such as eccentric Rosalía and musical celebrity superior Kylie Jenner
The controversial singer Cardi B together with Megan premiered their new single entitled
“WAP”. That is the song that soon will be placed in the top positions of trends on
YouTube. All this madness seems to come from the nice unexpected appearance of
American model and media personality Kylie Jenner, Spanish singer Rosalia and US
singer, dancer, and model Normani in the overwhelming video clip.
Female Beauty Overflowed In Clip
The famous rappers have created this theme with incredible girl power vibes for all the
fans. The music video is full of surprises from beginning to end. Not only did they integrate
these two celebrities into the successful film, but they also impressed everyone with the
presence of stars Sukihanna, Normani, and Ruby Rose who danced in more surprise rooms
of the mansion where the exceptional clip was developed.
The official video has caused a stir on social networks by throwing a ball of comments
about the collaboration of these two controversial rappers. What if you like or dislike? This
seems to matter little because nothing else is said about it! This song could become a great
success for artists because, after not even a day after its launch, it already got more than 15
million visits on YouTube.
Cardi B — public thanks to all the “WAP” participants
As a good hostess, Cardi B has dedicated sincere messages of thanks to the protagonists of
her “WAP”. She like Megan along with addresses is sweeping all digital playback
platforms and also revealed moments of what was lived behind cameras. These messages
were shared on the rapper’s official Twitter account. They already have many comments
and thousands of retweets.
For their part, Rosalía and Kylie have shared the content of their preparation for this
legendary cooperation on their accounts. Also, on her Instagram account, the successful and
controversial rapper has shared photos where you can see the singer and dancer Normani
Kordei. The singer of “Motivation” appears in video clip dancing provocatively in front of
a brightly lit green screen.
“I can’t wait the time Normani publishes her project. And she works on it much time.
People can not wait until she shows you. “She’s going to wake you up too”, Cardi B. So far,
a clip of the “WAP” has currently positioned itself as the number 5 global trend,
accumulating more than 52 million views three days after its debut on the network and you
already saw it.
In the same way, she did with the participation of the rapper Mulatto, sharing some
moments that were lived in the recording of the clip. “Simply beautiful @mulatto ….. I saw
Mulata grinding and grinding. And she is really getting up. I see her lifted up and trapped
there. Really, I’m very proud of her. Please keep killing. Thanks a lot. ”, Cardi B.


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