Burberry is experimenting with retail again. The company, which under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts was a pioneer in the opening of connected and technological stores, has opened what it has described as "the first social store in the luxury sector" by the Chinese giant Tencent, owner of WeChat .

The property is located in the new Shenzhen Bay MixC Mall, in Shenzhen, the hub technology in China, and represents a new twist to omnichannel, integrating physical shopping with the experience in social networks.

Through a mini program (subapplications within WeChat), consumers can access exclusive content and personalized experiences in the store and share them through the platform.

Customers may, for example, make tours of the store, make an appointment, access events or reserve a table in the café Thomas that houses the establishment. They can also scan the QR of the garments to access more information about the products.

Each consumer will be identified on the social network with an avatar shaped like an animal that evolves as the customer interacts or buys in the establishment. "The more the customer engages with Burberry, the richer their experience becomes", summarizes the company.

He mini program It will grant virtual currencies to the consumer with each interaction, and with that currency the customer will be able to qualify for rewards ranging from items in the cafeteria to content within the program itself, such as clothing for the avatar.

This opening is the first step of the Burberry and Tencent alliance, which was signed in November last year, and the group does not rule out expanding this new store concept to the rest of its commercial network in China.


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