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The movie "Black Is King" by American singer Beyoncé was put online Wednesday by the Disney + platform, receiving praise for her celebration of black culture and criticism for a distant vision of Africa.

The feature film accompanies the album "The Lion King: The Gift", released in July 2019 and inspired by the movie "The Lion King," a live-action version of the Disney classic.

The film takes up the theme of the "Lion King"Featuring a young man embarking on an initiation journey, which Beyoncé turned into an ambitious aesthetic project that has been critically acclaimed.

Jude Dry, of the IndieWire site, celebrated a film "saturated with impressive visual effects".

And within the framework of the protest movement unleashed by the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, the project, focused on black heritage, has a multiplied resonance.

'Black Is King' features African artists whose work brilliantly combines with that of Americans with roots in the "black continent," wrote John DeFore of the Hollywood Reporter.

But some have criticized the "wakandification" from "Queen Bey", referring to Wakanda, an imaginary African kingdom where the film and the comic strip "Black Panther" are set.

According to his detractors, Beyoncé grants a distorted and amalgamated vision of Africa.
"Can anyone tell Beyoncé that Africa is not just culture and that we are normal people?"Kaye Vuitton, a Nigerian, tweeted.

"There are more pressing things than getting mad at an African American woman who uses her media to artistically interrogate, explore and interpret the way of fill in the gaps in your identity"wrote the British newspaper The Independent Timeka Smith, an activist for racial equality.

Those gaps, he adds, are the connections between African-Americans and their African past that have been cut and are seeking to restore.


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