Although when Beyoncé released the music album, that song was considered as a vindication of "black pride", some people now maintain that the lyrics consider the woman he is talking about to be an object

Beyoncé just released a new video that he titled Black is king (Disney Plus). The audiovisual piece aims to be an album in a new format and includes the music from his album The Lion King: The Gift. The video received praise for the quality of the production presented, although it also sparked criticism from some followers who pointed out that there is a racist message on it.

The pop singer-songwriter has all tours suspended due to pandemic of coronavirus. However, in recent months, he prepared for this huge release that received quite mixed reviews. The funny thing is that the negative comments appeared now, and not when the music that appears in the video was published. According to some of his followers, the singer -who has always claimed the rights of the African-American population since the beginning of her career- slipped a negative message on "Brown Skin Girl", one of the songs featured in the recently released video.

Beyoncé released a new audiovisual album and was accused of being racist for the lyrics of one of her songs Credit: TV Capture

"Girl with brown skin / skin like pearls / The best in the world / I will never change you for anyone else," says the lyrics. In the new context that the United States is going through, after the murder of George Floyd, the discussion or even mere mention of racial aspects generates questions and debates.

Although when Beyoncé released the music album, that song was considered as a vindication of the "black pride"Some people now argue that the lyrics consider the woman they are talking about to be an object. Other people, for their part, considered the album title inappropriate and proposed that if a white person titled an album "White is King" it would be scandalous.


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