Is it good to apply olive oil for the face? Have you ever wondered about a natural remedy for the care of our skin daily? Of course, olive oil is a product with a high content of natural fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and K. This gives it the ability to improve both our internal health and our external appearance and hair.


It is advisable to include extra virgin olive oil in our diet and in the right proportion at each meal. But is it only used as food? Do you know all the applications of olive oil? Suppose the answer is no… Keep reading! And find out how to get other benefits from olive oils.

The double benefits of olive oil

It is difficult to find a natural product that has a great variety of uses, nutrients, characteristics, and benefits for our health such as olive oil. Apart from taking advantage of the benefits of consuming olive oil in our diet, we can take advantage of its antioxidant, regenerating, and moisturizing properties. This natural extraction can bring important benefits to our skin and also to our face.

Olive oil was already used in ancient times for aesthetic treatments. The ancient Egyptian culture was one of those that showed the greatest interest in the qualities of olive oil. In Egyptian high society, it was used in the manufacture of perfumes, during the bath to beautify and also to clean the pores of the face. Even in creams with other herbs for facial care and to hydrate the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles as well as a mask to brighten the hair.

Over time, the use of olive oil in aesthetic and beauty treatments has spread. Many households have a space reserved for this wonderful product both in the kitchen and on the shelf of cosmetics. Also, it is a current trend to include this liquid gold in soaps, creams, lotions, and kinds of body milk.

Some applications of olive oil for the face for cosmetic purposes

As a moisturizer thanks to its high content of vitamin E, is very effective as an aid against dry and cracked skin. Apply this liquid gold every night several times a week will make us enjoy much smoother skin. Even as an anti-aging agent, giving the skin a more intense shine, smooth texture, and elasticity thanks to its content of natural fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin K.

What olive oil is the most beneficial for the face?

All olive oils in general, whether virgin or extra have properties that can help us like a mask to have the perfect skin that we all want. In addition to being a tonic ointment, olive oil has a great restoring capacity and helps to rebuild damaged skin tissues such as spots and wrinkles, especially those of the eyes.

Both are an extraction obtained from the finest olives of exceptional purity and have maximum nutritional and organoleptic qualities. Both are going to bring us important benefits for our skin. But which is better? If we want our treatment with olive oil to be as effective as possible, we cannot use just any type of oil. Extra virgin olive oil is without any doubt the best and most recommended one.


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