The pandemic has had an intense impact on culture, theater and encounters with storytellers, which are the areas of specialty of Angela Arboleda, who with the arrival of this disease noticed the unfair way in which artists are viewed by a sector of society.

“People are unaware of the work of an artist. And that ignorance made them speak of our work even with hatred. They believe that we are mere entertainers, singers without studies for parties and celebrations. They have no idea that we work with sensitivity, memory, archiving, registering what a society lives, research, education and creation ”, he points out.

What is the importance of an artist?

We offer our voice to every moment we live as a society; There is no moment in the life of a human being that is not marked by an artistic creation. The lullaby that your mother sang to you was created by a poet, by a singer. The guitar that put music to the song you fell in love with was built by a luthier. The national anthem with which you cry in moments of patriotism was the work of a poet and a composer. The stories with which you comfort your children on the nights when they are afraid were written by storytellers who studied hard to know how to do it that well, so well that your children want you to tell them again … All that work is unknown and it is confused with any mediocre manifestation.

What sensation does this ignorance cause you?

It was very painful for me. In networks, when talking about supporting artists in a vulnerable state, it was thought that they were talking about the famous people who work in the world of entertainment and the screen, and not the people who are behind deeper creative processes, writers, painters, clowns, costume designers, technical specialists in various areas of the scene and audiovisual production, managers who work in neighborhoods, schools, in circus tents, in small theaters, in sociocultural projects.

What did you see on the networks?

Someone said he preferred to see again and again El Chavo del 8, which is free, rather than allowing the state to spend money to support the work of artists in the pandemic. This person does not think that an Ecuadorian Roberto Gómez Bolaños could be at home starving to death with his ideas in a notebook and without the opportunity for a channel to open the doors for him. This person thinks that the famous Chespirito always was, that he never struggled.

How to solve this situation?

The good thing is that we started to talk about it with the students of the university where I work, and public education projects designed especially for boys and girls are emerging. It is necessary to continue working with them the world of the fantastic, because only then will they be able to imagine another possible world. This one is pretty exhausted already.

What projects did you postpone?

It was supposed that in August he would hold the IV International Conference on Orality and Teaching. Everything we invented is true. We have the Iberescena Fund that we won by competition, but it is not enough to achieve it, we do not know if we can do it virtually. We do not know if the Municipality will sustain the offer of support that it made to us at the end of 2019. Nor if the schools will be able to virtually receive us, because we know in person that this year will not be possible.

How have you managed to adapt to the new reality as a professional and entertainer in that area?

I have been forced to use the tools to be able to give and receive classes online and it is being complex, but between complaints and crying, very very exhausted, there are also comic stories, anecdotes and hope in young people who despite everything he insists on studying and studying art! It has been very hard to continue, since the budget for universities was cut and the fear of being unemployed is the pillow companion. And despite everything every day I prepare my classes and homework with great enthusiasm. In each text I discover so many wonders. Studying is the most rewarding thing there is.

What role does art have to overcome the crisis?

The great Argentine narrator José Campanari says that entertaining is vital … I will tell you a story because "between" everything that happens in the world, I "have you" here. I got-you. It is a huge responsibility to have someone in your hands while the world is going through its troubles, right? And in that time I take care of you, I make you emotional, I teach you things, you teach me things, we dream together, we fly together.

How to raise the artistic atmosphere in this difficult year?

Creativity is our domain. We live always getting up … I really believe in neighborhood organization, if each neighborhood had a community space where they could hold meetings that would allow them to create alternative ways of solving their needs together, this city would change a lot. These meetings would allow for a better quality of life, more orderly, cleaner spaces, leisure activities, healthy, educational, fun for all ages, support and support when someone in the community needs it. These community spaces should be of diverse use, but above all, they should be the home of artists who manage educational and socio-cultural resources. Communal house-theater-library-meeting place-meeting space-discussion forum-classroom-reading room-containment space-cinema-playground-everyone's place. A place like that for every neighborhood, can you imagine? What a beautiful and friendly city we would have. His people would be happier. (I)


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