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The music was many times more than a complement in the movies from the english director Alan Parker, than He died this Friday in London, at the age of 76. Not only because he has taken to bringing concept albums and musical theater pieces to the big screen, but also because he has surprised with themes that came out of his movies turned into hits (his 1978 drama Midnight express, for example) or with his way of telling a story where music is the main support of a story.

You could put together a very varied sound playlist from a trilogy of the late seventies and early eighties –Midnight express (1978), Fame (1980) and Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) – and a diptych with two very different titles from the nineties: Avoid, with Madonna, and The Commitments, that Irish band passionate about African American soul.

"Chase", by Giorgio Moroder – Source: YouTube


Despite the harshness of the story of a young man arrested in Turkey for drug trafficking and sentenced to four years in prison, there was room to sneak a theme produced by the king of the tracks Giorgio Moroder. Despite the fact that the piece has the typical sound of disco songs, it fulfills its objective of not sounding festive. The soundtrack for this film received an Oscar for Best Original Music.

Fame (1980)

"Fame", by Irene Cara – Source: YouTube


The voice of Irene Cara in a scene of disco music in the throes of a fashion and a type of music that would give way to the pop explosion of the 80s.

Pink Floyd The Wall (1982)

"Goodbye Blue Sky" by Pink Floyd (The Wall) – Source: YouTube


The clearest case that Parker's inspiration was in music. It was not only the engine of the film but all its raw material. The story of the young man from the stories of Roger Waters captured on the album The wall (1979) by Pink Floyd had a face (singer Bob Geldof, as Pink) in 1982 with the Parker movie. The music is neither more nor less than that concept album by the British band, although specially adapted and even re-recorded for the film.

Avoid (1996)

"Don't Cry For Me Argentina", by Madonna – Source: YouTube


It is the adaptation of the homonymous musical that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote in 1975. But this version of 1996 for the big screen had Madonna as the protagonist, and her voice was captured in the record of the songs.

The Commitments (1991)

"Try A Little Tenderness", by The Commitments – Source: YouTube


The film is based on the book The Commitments by Roddy Doyle (1987) and features music by Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding, among others. Probably one of the most consistent soundtracks in Alan Parker's film production, leaving out, of course, titles that were already based on musical pieces (such as The wall and Avoid).


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