US media feed the rumors that the couple is having a marriage crisis, as one of them refuses to have children.

Since their romance became completely formal in mid-June 2018, shortly after the last time with Selena Gomez, the relationship between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin has been embroiled in numerous scandals and rumors, highlighting that the couple could separate.

Despite this gossip, the singer and model have repeatedly stated that they are very happy together and that both have supported each other to become better people.

However, the current quarantine has caused several rumors to reappear that the marriage is not going as well as they claim and that the couple is even going through a new crisis.

And it is not a strong public discussion, like the time when the interpreter of What do you mean? He slammed the door shut on Hailey’s face, squashing his foot, but from a disagreement, they both have about their family’s future.

According to various American media, one of the Canadian singer’s greatest wishes is to become a dad and he can’t wait any longer to have children with Hailey.

However, it seems that the American model prefers to wait a little longer to focus on his professional career and this has begun to provoke disagreements between them.

Hailey Bieber clings to Justin Bieber despite the controversy and kisses him!

The renowned model showed that she does not care what they say about her beloved, she will always be there to support him and give her love.

Wow! In recent weeks, the name of Justin Bieber became a trend after he was denounced through Twitter, having had two women between 2014 and 2015. Given this, the popular singer came out to deny everything and it was reported that he even sued for defamation of the two users who accused him and demands compensation of $ 10 million for each.

Throughout the scandal, various names came to light, especially that of Selena Gómez since the Canadian took refuge in her to prove that they were together at the time when the events apparently happened.

However, what was the least thought and commented is how Hailey Bieber, Justin’s new wife, felt about this controversy and the fact that her great love was branded as a “rapist” on social networks.

A few days ago it was revealed that the young woman had taken a break from all the controversy with her friend Bella Hadid, and they walked along the Italian coasts. But now, it seems that she returned with a great desire to support her husband and cling to him no matter what they say.

On her Instagram account, the actor’s daughter Alex Baldwin shared a series of photos of what was his road trip through various parts of the United States in the company of the interpreter. And in several of the portraits, he appears kissing her on the lips.

Many of his fans intuited that these portraits are a way to clarify that their love is more than sealed and that if Justin mentioned Selena so much in his last statements, he only did it to save his skin, but not because there is still love between them.


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